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10 Facts About Me

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Although I share a lot of my life via Instagram and IG stories, not everyone see's that, and not everyone knows all of the little things about my life that make me... well, me! There are lots of different parts to my life, things I have gone through that I don't get to share online. So here's a little random post so you can get to know me better. My friends like to joke that I have lived in so many different parallels and it's kind of true. Up until even this year, I am continuously changing, growing, learning, exploring... living! Here's 10 little facts you might not know about me:


1. I have lived in 8 different cities throughout my life.

1) Houston- I was born and raised until I moved to Canada when I was 12. My Dad still lives in Texas so I visit roughly once a year [not enough if you ask me]. 2) Edmonton- I moved here when I was 12 to live with my mom, who remarried a Canadian when I was young, and my brother. Been here for off and on 10 years now. 3) Kelowna- My stepdad was relocated to Kelowna from Edmonton halfway through my middle school years. I graduated high school here. 4) Victoria Island- where I attended a prestigious boarding school for grades 9 and 10. 5) San Francisco- where I got my degree in Interior Design. 6) Los Angeles- moved to LA for only a year right after my San Fran grad. 7) British Virgin Islands- for only 6 months. I taught scuba diving and lived that island life. 8) New York- I moved here for 1 year and Kevin and I did long distance. [I will never do long distance again.]  I am now back in Edmonton with my hubby. We plan on moving to Cali soonish.


2. Traveling is by far my favorite thing in the world.

Although I am terrified of flying, I deal with the major anxiety because my love for travel outweighs my fear of flying. My favorite place I've ever been to was Monaco but I have a feeling that will change during our trip to Italy for our honeymoon this September.


3. I swam with whale sharks

in the Philippines and it was 100% the coolest thing I've ever experienced.

Cebu Philippines whale shark swimming

4. Champagne over wine.



5. I'm extremely close to my Dad.

He is my best friend, mentor, and idol all rolled into one.


6. My two weaknesses are pizza and green onion cakes.

Seriously, can't resist.


7. I am a Godmother and Auntie to the cutest baby boy ever.

My brother and his girlfriend had their little boy, Caleb, 6 months ago and he is the sole reason I now have baby fever. I feel so lucky to be a part of his life; he's such a light in my life.


8. I started a company called Boor.

Although this is still new for me and I am still learning, Boor is kind of weirdly one of my end goals. It's what I plan on doing with my life once I'm done blogging [if it ever comes to that!] Life takes you in so many directions, things are always changing so I can never say for certain.


9. I have a total of 3 friends.

Aside from my husband and dad, I have 3 very close friends and I honestly prefer it that way. Quality over quantity.


10. I survived boot camp.

No, for real; I attended a fairly intense boot camp one summer. I spent 3 months in the wilderness learning how to make a fire with my bare hands, slept on the ground, and backpacked through the Utah desert. I hiked every day for my water, used from the same wells as the cows [I had special drops to kill any bacteria in the water]. I encountered rattle snakes, tarantulas, and tarantula wasps [that's a real thing, look it up]. I had no technology or communication with the outside world during my time there. I lived quite literally like survivor man, except I had proper camping food. Although it was extremely rough during this time, I look back and am so beyond happy I went through that experience. It's made me stronger in so many ways and every time I look back on it, it's a very good grounding/ realization feeling for me when things get tough.





Now that you know some random facts about me, what's something about you? What's the coolest thing you've ever done? Leave me a comment below so I can get to know you. 

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