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Five 2019 Home Decor Trends I Want Right Now

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If you're a Pinterest-a-holic like me, chances are you have a "home decor" board of some kind on your Pinterest page. I've broken mine up into subsections of each area of the house [i.e. kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc] so that when I do become a millionaire - a girl can dream - I have an already curated list for when I'm ready to update my home. I often forget home decor trends change almost as quickly as fashion so while I'd love to update every inch of my home every year, it's important to keep a mixture of trendy and classic pieces interspersed throughout. One trend I do love and I can't see going out of style anytime soon is the whole "less is more" approach to design. Simplistic, open spacing, and, more often than not, sustainable. I'm here for it!

A lot of my own home decor ideas come from Pinterest. I wish I could say I'm a total natural but aside from my few years attending Interior Design school [which was nearly 10 years ago] I owe a big chunk of it to Pinterest. Lately I've been seeing some common themes in 2019 home decor trends and I'm hoping right on board. Here's five 2019 home decor trends I'm obsessed with right now:

1. Nature Elements

Rattan Lighting

Handwoven Bell Pendant


Straw Basket

UGG Camila Pompom


Wood Candlesticks

Grove set


2. Blush

Blush Pillow

Peri Chenille


Blush Sofa

Roberta Chesterfield


Blush Rug

Fredrick Hand-Hooked


3. Shag Details

Shag Pouf

Charlie Ivory


Shag Rug

Nessie Woven + Tufted


Shag Pillow

Pom Pom Iman


4. Clear

Acrylic Chair

Oakdene Dining


Glass Lamp

Musman High Modern


Clear Mug

Crate & Barrel


5. Concrete Elements

Concrete Planter

Crate & Barrel


Concrete Dining Table

Fuze Grey


Concrete Lamp

Aili Table Lamp



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