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4 Decorating Mistakes To Avoid Making In Your Home

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Since I’m in the process of redoing the living room, with a similar vibe to my office, I figured I’d share a few tips I learned throughout my years of interior design school, as well as spending countless hours browsing home design magazines, Pinterest, and following interior design accounts on Instagram. I’m still learning as I go but one thing is for sure, those light grey walls had to go. Read on for these 4 decorating mistakes to avoid making in your home



 1. Not looking at the overall “big” picture

It’s easy to see something you like for your home and buy it {I was guilty of it myself} but when that’s all you’re doing your décor can easy become mismatched and look cluttered. Looking at the big picture helps keep it clear what style you’re going for, how pieces work together, and what you actually need vs. want. It also might be the one thing you’re missing but didn’t realize until taking a step back to see what can bring the room together. Don’t get bogged down on the little things, look at the big picture.



2. Neglecting the size and proportions of the room

A huge sectional may look a bit out of place in a small living room {kind of how I feel about ours right now tbh}. Think about the size and the fit. For me, I actually prefer a smaller home. I’ve always told Kevin that even if I had the money of a Kardashian, I still wouldn’t buy a huge house. I like the farmhouse, cozy style of homes. To me, it has a more “homely” feel. Most people complain about the small apartments in New York but that was never an issue for me. It’s all about how you decorate; the size dictates the pieces and the pieces dictate the harmony of your space.



3. Misplaced lighting

Each room has a different function and lighting is one key function you can’t do without. For instance, the kitchen is used for cooking and when cooking, good overhead lighting is important. I really love dimmers because you can adjust the lighting for each mood, time of year, and various times of the day.



4. Overkill on the theme

And by overkill I mean matchy-matchy. I get that it’s convenient to buy the pre-made, put together showroom furniture but picking out pieces from different times and different locations adds character to a room. We all love IKEA but I don’t want my entire home to look like you just walked into one of their showrooms.

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