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5 Of The Best Brunch Spots In Manhattan

best brunch restaurants manhattan


“Breakfast is brunch, and it comes with champagne, a dress code, and a hundred of our closest friends…” xoxo GG. 

Okay, the ‘hundreds of our closest friends part’ might not be adequate but brunch is no joke in NYC, and quite literally is my favorite part of the day. I’ve dedicated my short stay thus far to eating at some well-known, and some not-so-well-known, brunch spots to find the best and brightest throughout Manhattan. A list of 5 is all I can compile at the moment, but there are so many Manhattan brunch spots worth noting, these are just a few as of 2017.


Best manhattan brunch restaurants

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  1. Jack’s Wife Freda// Lafayette & Carmine St.

One of the more well-known brunch spots in Manhattan, Jack, and his wife, Freda, opened this restaurant in 2012. My personal favorite dish is the Green Shakshuka. Homestyle meals but something you couldn’t quite make yourself.

best manhattan brunch restaurants
5 best manhattan brunch locations


2. Santina// The Highline

A bit on the pricier end but if you’re looking for the “brunch with a dress code” style experience, this is it. Ideal location, chic ambiance, and amazing drinks. Try the bloody Mary and frittatas.


manhattan brunch locations
brunch spots manhattan

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3. Bubby’s// The Highline

If you don’t get there upon opening, expect a wait. This place has the best pancakes in Manhattan, in my opinion. The menu, and ambiance, reminds me of my southern-style heritage roots. Fair priced and kid friendly.


brunch manhattan restaurants


4. Little Prince// Soho

Definitely a lesser known, quaint spot. Beautiful interior, and exterior- almost like taking a quick trip to France. Their weekend brunch menu is something of an acquired taste. A unique, but exquisite, bistro menu; Little Prince is one to be added to your brunch list.

Manhattan brunch best restaurants


5. The Butcher’s Daughter// Hudson & Kenmare St.

Another well-known spot for a New Yorker but one that won’t disappoint. Although typically a long wait, well worth it in my opinion. This divey brunch spot has an earth ambiance with green and white all over- an Instagrammer’s heaven -and the food is served the freshest of the fresh as they often grow their own greens in house. Although basic, the avocado toast is, hands down, my favorite. This Manhattan brunch restaurant will not disappoint.





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