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5 Books On My Summer Reading List


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Typically self help books are my favorite type of books to read- anything that consists of bettering yourself and finding your inner peace relaxes me most. But during the summer months, when I'm sitting on the beach or tanning in my backyard, I like to unwind my mind and take a break by immersing myself into fun, easy reads. Here are a few on my reading list for summer 2019.



The Spanish Promise

Set in Madrid, a mystery full of uncovering family secrets and a love affair turned tragedy.


The Last House Guest

Suspense. A town in Maine dealing with a suspicious death and a best friend trying to uncover the truth.


The Homecoming

A psychological thriller about how the people you've known your whole life can suddenly become strangers.


The Perfect Girlfriend

Classic crazy girl obsessed with man. I love these types of reads and movies! Gone girl being one of my all time favs, this book seems quite similar.


The Exact Opposite Of Okay

I added this one simply because of the overall bigger picture it represents. Although set in a high school scenario, it's relevant to today's online world. Everyone has something to say about you, an opinion of you, even if it's wrong. Being in what feels like the center of the rumor mill, finding a way to not let anyone define you is the most important.

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