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5 Little Luxuries That Make A Big Difference

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If you’ve followed me on Instagram for a while now you’ll know from having viewed my stories that it’s no secret I’m obsessed with luxury candles. I started collecting them a couple years ago and refuse to burn one until the most special of occasions. The smell, feel, look, and overall vibe of a luxury candle just makes me so happy. If it were up to me, I’d burn luxe candles all day long and not even use light bulbs. Every time I visit a new place I bring home a candle with me. These little luxuries of life are one of my favorite things. My last purchase was in Los Angeles at the Surf Rider hotel. As soon as I walked in, this incredible aroma filled the room and instantly made me feel beyond blissful. I knew I had to buy what I was smelling. It now sits in our bedroom, atop a shelf, burned once thus far. I guess it’s pretty obvious having read this now that the first item on this luxe list is luxury candles.



1. Luxury candles

It’s just something about the scent that you can’t get purchasing non-luxe candles. Plus, they last longer, burn smoother, and it feels more special when you light them. I somehow enjoy it better knowing I’ve purchased such a fine candle and really soak in the scent.


silk pillowcase bed slip mask


2. Silk sleeping mask and pillowcase

We have white curtains in our bedroom because I’m the kind of person who loves lots of natural light. But with that, means early rising times because our bedroom really doesn’t get very dark. At the peak of summer in Canada the sun rises as early as 4:30am so by 6:30am our bedroom is as bright as noon on a clear, sunny day. So sleeping masks are a must for me, especially in the summer months. I’ve had many throughout the years and a silk mask just isn’t comparable to anything else. So soft and smooth, almost as if you’re wearing nothing. Hand-in-hand, a silk pillowcase is just as comfy and smooth. Plus, there are a ton of benefits to sleeping on a silk pillowcase: it helps to keep bed head under control and helps your skin retain moisture, it’s naturally hypoallergenic and can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


3. Night cream

Many people use the same face moisturizer for the morning as they do the night; I’m here to tell you why owning a proper night cream can make a huge difference. No, it’s not just a hoax for companies to make more- day and night creams have very different responsibilities. Day creams almost always have SPF in them to protect you from the harsh UV rays you’re exposed to every day. Your skin is also subject to pollution, environmental stresses, and other chemicals, such as makeup, added during the day time; thus, day creams are made for protection and support. Night time is when your skin is doing its ‘resting’. Night creams help to repair, restore, and regenerate during your sleep, therefore, night creams are more focused on recovery and moisture. There are also many creams that include glycolic acid and retinol, which cannot be used during the day as these ingredients can’t be applied with the exposure to UV rays {aka: the sun}.


4. Pillow spray

I’m obsessed with this stuff. Obviously, I mean my love to luxe scented candles kind of goes hand-in-hand with this one but it’s a nice alternative. These sprays are made specifically for your pillows and help to entrance you into a deep, lovely sleep. Pillow sprays are said to help with sleep anxiety and improve sleep quality. Rather than ingesting melatonin to get you into sleep-mode, pillow sprays are a nice alternative. Every night I look forward to serenely lying on my fantastic-smelling pillow.


5. Cashmere robe

There are a lot of soft and cozy robes out there but nothing quite like the touch and feel of cashmere. Bonus: it can be up to 8x warmer {hello winter}! It’s a very finite resource and only a certain amount is produced every year so that’s why it’s on the higher end of price points for threads but the feel and quality of a cashmere robe will last you years -if treated right- and can’t be beat! I wear a cashmere robe every single night {so it’s worth the $$$ to me} and thoroughly enjoy coming home to cuddle up with my little slice of luxe heaven.



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