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5 TV Shows I’m Watching Right Now

5 tv shows watch right now

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I’m currently painting my entire house this week and sometimes I prefer background noise other than music. Naturally, I’ve watched all The Office reruns like 100x so I’ve started watching these shows sporadically. The above photo is actual inspiration {it’s on my mood board} for our house. I started redoing the house this spring and started first with the bedroom, which I’m in the midst of changing yet again because I am really not a fan of the first try, then my office, which I’m very happy with, and now the living room. I’ve been so attracted to Scandinavian/ boho design. My mood board for the home is filled with whites, light neutrals, rose-colored decor and wood. Can’t wait to share more! In the mean time, here are

5 TV shows to watch right now


1. Bob’s Burgers

Kevin and I are really into this show right now. We both love that dry humor and this show does it perfectly. Although a cartoon, it’s clever, well-written, and hilarious. We actually talked about being Bob and Linda for Halloween- didn’t follow through though. Maybe next year.


2. The Sinner

I love my comedies but sometimes I switch it up with a drama or two. I’m a bit of a weakling when it comes to risqué drama but this one was so good. I absolutely lovemysteries {Sherlock is still my all time favorite}. We haven’t started the second season yet but plan to soon. I can’t wait!


3. Insatiable

I really gave this one a fair go but couldn’t get into it. I watched maybe the first 4 episodes but, to me, it seemed like too much of a “teeny bopper” show. The pageant stuff isn’t my thing and the show itself reminds me a lot of Riverdale {which I also did not enjoy}. Kevin and my two best friends finished both though and absolutely loved them!


4. Ozark

Just started on the second season and I’m pretty pumped. I remember watching the entire first season in 1 weekend when it first came out last year {I was sick and stuck on the couch all weekend, okay?!} I might “get sick” again this weekend for season 2. *Insert eye roll here*


5. Suits

I stopped watching Suits years ago after I finished season 2 and never started back up again until recently. I started at the beginning of season 2 and now am approaching season 4- I love it! And watching Harvey Spector really doesn’t hurt either…


What shows are you watching right now?

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