6 Skincare Tips I Swear By For Keeping My Skin Looking 10 Years Younger

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how to look 20 when 30 skincare tips



I’m nearing my 30’s and every time I tell someone I’m 28 they freak out and say, “No way! I thought for sure early 20’s.” And I always take it as a good thing. I’m glad I look so young, it means I’ve been doing something right all these years! I’ll never forget this one time- this woman came up to me at a coffee shop and as we were both waiting for our coffees, she asked what I do to my skin because of how dewy and smooth it looked. She said “You must be young!” I said well it depends on how you look at age, I’m gearing up to my thirties so in comparison to my life, I feel I’m getting old. She said, “No. Impossible. Honey, {and waved her husband over} guess how old she is?” He guessed 20… Really? 20 though? I felt that was a bit extreme but nonetheless I took it with a gleaming smile.



I’ve raved about skincare ever since I started my blog, and even before then. If you want to read my skincare routine, click here. I’ve also talked about how you should correctly be removing your makeup every night. Today I’m sharing the little things I’ve done that I feel have helped me keep that youthful glow, and how to keep your skin looking 20 at 30.



1. Makeup free

Two {and often more} days out of the week I will go makeup free. This is just my own theory but I think keeping your skin free of the toxins and paraffins in makeup is so important. There are many days I won’t wear any makeup, or if I do I’ll come home right away and wash it off whenever I’m in for the night, often even before dinner.



2. Sunglasses aren’t just to look cool


I always wear sunglasses whenever it’s bright, especially driving. You naturally squint from the sun, and when you drive, the bright road takes a toll on your eyes as well. This causes crows feet.

Funny fact: When Kevin and I went to the Philippines we brought 3 pairs of glasses between the two of us. We lost all 3 pairs. This is why I don’t buy expensive sunnies.



3. The dab


{No, not the ridiculous dance move that’s taken over the internet.} Instead, dab on eye cream, don’t spread. I take two fingers and dab my eye cream on and around my eyes other than spread and pull. Firstly, you never want to pull around your eyes. Secondly, dabbing helps the product seep in better. #truestory



4. SPF


The end all be all savor. I don’t know how many times I’ve talked about this on my blog but it just goes to show the importance of SPF. Start in your early twenties, actually, as early as you can! I started at 25 but really wish I started even sooner.



5. Sugar isn’t the only enemy


In my personal opinion, sugar doesn’t need to be cut out entirely. I don’t drink much alcohol but I love sweets. People will tell you to stay away from manufactured sugar, and there is no denying that it’s bad for you, but I just watch my intake. There are some nights where we’ll go to the movies and I’ll binge on nearly an entire bag of skittles but then I’ll limit my intake for the rest of the week. You still gotta live!



6. Never sleep with makeup on


I literally never miss a night of taking my makeup off. Missing a night here and there without brushing my teeth, sure, but I can say with absolute confidence that even on my messiest of nights, I’ve never missed a time where I’ve fallen asleep with my makeup on. Kevin often jokes that he’ll see me in half an hour whenever I go to “get ready for bed” because I am so adamant on my skincare routine.



Are there any tips you swear by? Comment below to let me know! I’m always wanting to learn and try new techniques.