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6 Tips For Smooth Travels

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Each year, around this time, Kevin and I like to take a holiday somewhere unconventional or unique. Last year we hiked to the top of Moraine Lake where we passed Mirror Lake- the name truly reflects the lake and it's view (pun intended). We hiked to Lake Agnes Tea House, where we stopped for some much needed water and food, and past that up to Big Beehive. It was a truly magical view and overall experience. One I highly recommend.

The year before that we headed over to Maine where we did a bit of sailing and checked out some more hikes. This is the only time of the year where I'm a really outdoorsy person (expect when it comes to camping).

Before these trips, though, we researched tons and learned through trail and error of how to keep our travels smooth. Use these 6 travel tips to help you get to your next destination efficient and hassle-free. 


1. Google

This might sound obvious but Google is your best friend when it comes to travel planning. Research everything. Look up any events happening during that time, the weather forecast, top 10 best hotels to stay at on a budget, or top 10 best hotels (if you're not on a budget), best spots to sightsee, etc. Just make sure you do your research before you go.

2. Carry on your valuables

I never, I mean never, put my valuables in my luggage. Laptop, fine jewelry, high ended purses, etc. You are responsible for your carry on and you (along with the airport constantly telling you) are to never leave your baggage unattended. Your bigger luggage, on the other hand, is in the hands of the airport and its employees. This is something I won't leave up to chance, and neither should you.

3. Download the airlines app

Often these days, airlines have their own apps in which you can watch movies, sign onto wifi, or check the status of your flight on your own time. It's never been more convenient. But keep in mind that lots of these airlines won't let you access the movies/ wifi/ etc if you haven't downloaded their app before the flight takes off. Be proactive!

4. A passport wallet

It might sound silly to some but I've had a passport wallet for years now and every time I go through customs, security check, or check in, my wallet is easy to grab and I have everything in one spot. If you're a basket case like me or lose things easily, a passport wallet helps keep things organized and efficient.

5. A couple minor things

Hand sanitizer (because airports are very dirty), face wipes (because t-zones can get beyond oily), dry shampoo (because... well... I always carry a travel size with me), and a charger (laptop, cell phone, or both, when one dies, it's the end of the world). Lastly, if you get chapped lips- and I have chronically chapped lips- pack lip balm in every single one of your bags.

It really helps if you pack all of your liquids (mascara, moisturizers, lip gloss, balms, etc) in ziplock bags before you leave. This way it's easy and fast to take out during security check, and you're not holding up the line with the people behind you groaning and mumbling under their breath- instead you can be that person to the unprepared sucker in front of you.

6. Plan before you arrive

Have a few restaurants, excursions, and hikes (or otherwise) on hand before you get there. Part of traveling to a new city is wondering around but if you get lost and can't seem to find a decent place you both like, one of you is going to get hangry real fast. It's always nice to have a few places in mind that you "must see" while you're there.





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