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A Very Canadian Thanksgiving


“This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving

and we enjoyed it for an overnight stay at Kevin’s parents cabin just outside the city. I say it was very Canadian because on our way out to the lake we grabbed a timmies coffee and timbits variety pack, fed deer {literally by hand}, watched the hockey game and drank caesars. It’s so peaceful and homely out at the cabin- it overlooks a lake and the trees were all different colors of red, orange, and golden brown. Kevin’s parents also have a fire pit out there, which we usually gather around in the morning, sipping our coffee and listening to the sound of the birds chirp. Have I convinced you that it’s peaceful yet?!  It’s so nice for me since I never really had that homely, tight-knit family experience. Living so far from my dad can be tough and Kevin’s family are all so close; it’s nice to be a part of something like that and something I want to have one day with our own little family.


Canadian Thanksgiving 2018 puppy cuddles
Canadian Thanksgiving 2018 love


It was almost my first time making a pumpkin pie, and was surprisingly easy! I’m glad it turned out because we didn’t have a backup in case. I felt a bit like Rachel from Friends when Monica lets her make the dessert and the pages were stuck together so she made half an English trifle and half a shepard’s pie. Luckily my pages weren’t stuck together. While I’m out there I really try to put my phone away and be present so I never capture much while there. I actually asked what the history of Canadian Thanksgiving was because having grown up in the States, they teach you all about American Thanksgiving and the founding fathers coming over on the Mayflower but I hadn’t actually heard the history of Canadian Thanksgiving. Kevin’s dad, being the sarcastic guy he is, said “Well we saw the American’s were having one and decided, screw it, we’re having one too and we’re going to do it before them so it looks like they copied us!” And that is forever how I will know Canadian Thanksgiving.


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