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All Your Travel Questions Answered

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Yesterday on my Instagram stories I had asked you guys what kind of travel-related questions you had. I’ve been super MIA on my replies through the DM’s and feel bad but we have just been so busy and nonstop going every day, I haven’t had the time to be on my regular A-game online! So I screenshotted some of the questions I received and figured I’d share a post with you for all your questions in one go. PS. SO GLAD my computer decided to start working! In case you missed it, yesterday when I went to sit down and write this post, my laptop wouldn’t turn on. Considering I had my phone stolen, my laptop crapping out was the tip of the iceberg. I really can’t explain what happened and why it just magically started to work today when I tried it once more but so happy either way! Let’s get into it:


Is it better to use cash in most cities in Italy or is a card okay?

We took out some cash from our banks before we left. Most places take card but I find it’s easier to pay in cash. I mean you’re losing out on the currency exchange either way but paying with cash is more flexible with smaller purchases like gelato, cafe stops, taxis, etc.


What type of lodging do you prefer?

I like Airbnb’s for shorter stays or work trips but when it comes to trips like this, I’m all about the ultimate relaxation which, to me, means hotels. I particularly love smaller boutique-style hotels and actually avoid larger chain hotels all together [unless it’s a work trip]. I just love to atmosphere of boutique hotels- cozy, cute, friendly, and usually very gram worthy [i.e. lots of character].


Where did you travel in Italy? And what are some of the hot spots you explored?

We started in Milan [but I don’t really consider that a stop to be honest] it was never intended on my list of places to visit. The only reason we were there is that it was the best flight for us when we booked and we figured we could just train into Venice the next day. We did Venice, Florence, Puglia, Amalfi coast [Positano and Capri] and ending in Rome.

Some hot spots were the main square in Florence, the gondola ride in Venice, the Statue of David was amazing to see in real life, we also plan on seeing the Sistine Chapel when we go to Rome, La Fontelina beach club in Capri [where Rosie HW and Jason Statham just were last week!] You’ve likely seen it- it’s the iconic blue and white beach umbrellas next to the rocky cliffs and overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.


Tips for getting over jet lag?

You just gotta force it the first day. It sucks. When we arrived in Milan I was dead ass exhausted and lived off of espresso for the day. I find if you keep going it’s easier. Whatever you do, don’t sit down on your bed when you get to your hotel room. Put your stuff down, freshen up a bit, and go out!


Tips for getting sponsored when traveling?

I have zero tips for this. I’ve never been sponsored to travel before. I save and do my own thing. I’ve done a few press trips before but these often involve working with brands and your days are jam packed with events/ activities made for you by the brand. They can be fun certainly but are also “work” in a sense. When you travel on your own, you’re free to do what you want, when you want.


Suggestions for packing light?

I’m not the greatest person to ask for this- I’m often an overpacker. I did, however, manage to only pack one suitcase for the two weeks we’re here so I’m pretty proud of myself for that, but summer attire is so much easier to pack light for. You don’t have to worry about coats, boots, etc. If you wanna pack light, travel in the summer, I guess. ๐Ÿ˜›


How do you keep yourself entertained on a super long flight?

There’s no one answer for this one since everyone’s definition of entertainment is different but usually on long plane rides they have awesome in-flight movies. I also pass the time working, creating, writing, planning. I can’t ever sleep on planes; if I’m lucky I’ll get an hour max so yeah, keeping entertained is tough sometimes.


How do you plan your travel destination?

So a lot of my travel ideas come from Instagram! First time I ever saw Positano I was completely in awe of it’s beauty. I knew I wanted to go there as soon as I could [which ended up taking a long time]. I also like to Google lesser known regions, sometimes I find gems on Pinterest that I’ll save and refer back to when I’m getting the travel itch. Sometimes it’s referrals from friends. This time, we were planning our honeymoon and thinking of the most romantic places in the world, Italy and Greece came up. We landed on Italy.


How do you decide what to pack?

I plan out my outfits ahead of time based on not only the temperature, obviously, but each location we visit. Puglia is all neutrals so I brought neutral looks for that region, Amalfi coast is bright with blues and yellows so I coordinated what I thought would look good in photos [I’m pretty extra, I know]. I also love browsing Pinterest for inspo!


How do you do your hair in another country with the electricity outlets being different?

So this was actually a hard lesson learned and I’m glad someone asked so you’ll now know. We bought adapters on Amazon before our trip, not realizing the voltage difference. We pugged in a mini fan we brought with us and immediately it fried the motor and started smoking! I plugged in my curling iron and because I use it on the high temp at home, it’s twice the voltage here and also started smoking! [Thank god I didn’t use it on my hair!] But once I adjusted the temp to the lowest setting it was fine. Basically, check your products and see the maximum voltage they allow before using in another country. The voltage in North America are usually 120, in Italy it’s 240.


Do you shoot with a camera or iPhone when traveling?

iPhone, always. The only time I shoot with a camera is for beauty edits.


How long did it take you to plan this trip?

All in, it took me a total of 7-8 months of planning & saving. Being that this was my first time traveling to Italy [and not knowing when I’d be able to return] I wanted to experience everything I could! 2 weeks still wasn’t enough time but I think we did a pretty damn good job of seeing lots!


What would you recommend as a must see in Tuscany?

Tuscany as a whole is big- Kevin and I considered staying two nights in the countryside and two nights in Florence to get a bit of everything but ended up 3 nights in Florence simply because we really wanted to explore all Italy had to offer and opted for a day trip to the countryside in Tuscany via a wine tour. I 1000% recommend booking a wine tour when you’re in Tuscany. No better place in the world to experience the culture of wine than there! Also, the city of Florence is amazing.




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