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Baby Talk: Are We Having Kids? When?

baby talk are we having kids
baby talk are we having kids


Okay, how cute are these photos of baby Caleb?

I’m Auntie and Godmother to this little angel. The first photo, of me holding him, was taken only a week or two after he was born, the second was taken a few days ago at 2 months old. They grow up so fast! I just wanna pinch those little cheeks! *heart eyes emoji*


baby talk are we having kids

*Photo found via DecorDolphin


It feels like everywhere I turn I see babies. I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and noticed 5 newborn baby posts in a row! Yes, one after another of high school friends announcing their newborns… 5 times over. As shocked as I was, I really shouldn’t be. This is the age we’re at. My brother just had his baby 3 months ago, our dear friend’s just had their first, and our other friend’s just had their second. Plus, a few of my favorite bloggers are announcing their pregnancies and posting the most aesthetically pleasing baby photos you’ll ever see. Not to mention I have friends asking me when we’re popping out our first. I really can’t help but feel the pressure’s on. 


It might look like I’ve got major baby fever {and I’ll admit to having a teensy bit} because I’m constantly posting my brother’s baby but, to be honest, I never really pictured having babies of my own up until the last few months. It’s not that I didn’t want children of my own one day. It’s just that I simply hadn’t given it much thought. Now that all of those around us {and when I say “us” I mean Kevin and I} are having their own little munchkins, naturally I’ve been thinking about it more and more. 


Kevin and I have been married for nearly 6 months now so we’ve got the questions coming in about kids. We’ve talked about it but we both know it’s just not time for us. There are so many things I still want to have accomplished before starting that chapter of our lives. Travel has always been at the top of my list {strangely enough considering flying is one of my biggest fears}. And as you might’ve seen on my Instagram stories last week, I am currently starting my own line. Something that’s been in the works for roughly a year now is finally becoming a reality and I couldn’t be more excited. Plus, we’re just starting the process of getting Kevin his green card and hoping to move to the States before settling down and starting a family. 


Bottom line is, there’s still a couple years ahead of us before we decide to have one of our own little “germ monsters” as Kevin calls them. *Insert crying laughing face here*. I love that.


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