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Beauty Products Of The Month: My Hair Products

t3 micro curling iron beauty products

I always like sharing my favorite beauty products considering it's such a hot topic on my page, so I thought, why not dedicate a monthly blog post to the subject since I'm always trying new things? One question I get asked more than anything else is what I use to style my hair. Since my hair has gotten a bit longer, I've been using the 1.25 inch T3 micro curling iron for those soft beach waves. I love it. It's easily my favorite curling iron of all time! When my hair is shorter though [I'm considering chopping it off again] I use a smaller curling iron [1 - .75 inch in size].

I have been forever changing my hair for years. I'm so indecisive! I've been short and long, bronde, platinum [never again; platinum did not suit my skin tone/vibe], a light brown, and dark brown, and almost black. For nearly the past year though I've been bronde... aka: ombré. The roots are my natural color, being light brown, and the ends fade into a honey blonde. To be honest, the blonde is kind of a left over color from my previous platinum days. My hairdresser, Kimmy, at Studio.Mi salon in Edmonton, had originally dyed a light brown color over my entire hair when I wanted to change from platinum and it faded to what it is now. Of course, we've done touch ups here and there, added toner and conditioners, but it's pretty much stayed the same over the year. Full disclosure: I'm considering going back to a darker brown and cutting it short again. Might just surprise you one day soon! I always joke that I'm constantly keeping Kimmy on her toes!

So without further adieu, below are a few of my favorite hair products I consider to be staples in my hair routine:

T3 Micro Curling Iron


Oaui Wave Spray


Playa Ritual  Hair Oil


Oribe Gold Lust Pre-Shampoo


Kevin Murphy Dry Shampoo



What are some of your favorite products? And have you tried the t3 micro curling iron? If so, what do you think? Leave me a comment below.


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