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Our Wedding Playlist

our wedding playlist 2018
Our wedding playlist 2018


Somehow I’m more nostalgic now, looking back over these photos and listening to this playlist, than ever before! Our wedding was just shy of a year ago and we have some seriously great memories from it. But what’s a wedding celebration without music? Today I’m sharing our wedding playlist 2018. These are songs from when I walked down the isle, when we were announced as the first Mr. & Mrs. Scott, our first dance, what we cut the cake to, and the overall happiness played throughout the day.


I’ve said it before but there is nothing like the celebration of your wedding- the mood, the atmosphere, the fact that all of your closest friends and family are there to celebrate your love; it’s honestly the most magical feeling I’ve ever experienced. Putting the feeling into words is difficult to illustrate, but listening to this playlist is the closest thing that takes me back to that feeling.


To me, music has that ability to reach the soul of a human- it can completely depict and dictate a mood, it has a healing power, connects people, it gives life to everything. The right playlist sets the tone for the entire event, evening, etc. So without further audeu, please enjoy our wedding playlist from 2018!



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