From Brunette to Blonde: What You Need To Know

brunette to blonde



Having been brunette the majority of my life and recently going platinum blonde, naturally this was a major transformation. The most I have ever done with my hair was a light {copper} ombre or cutting bangs. Other than that, I’ve been a brunette my entire life. One of the reasons for this was because I was a complete worry wart about the health of my hair. I know how hard bleach is on your hair so I always stayed away. I always felt this way until last month when I was walking down the street, an hour before my routine hair appointment and I said F*** it, I’m going blonde. YOLO. {Is that still cool to say?}


brunette hairstyle hair color



There are a few things to keep in mind before taking this major transformation; first and foremost is never underestimate the power of a good colorist. I teamed up with Sara from @sarajunebk salon who did this crazy transformation for me. I was referred to her through a friend. Naturally, I was very nervous, like anyone who’s a worry-wart but after talking with her she reassured me that this process was more common than I thought and having a skilled stylist like herself makes all the difference in the world. After sitting in her chair for 6 hours at a time, I asked her a few common questions for those out there who were considering doing the same thing.


Q: What do you need to consider before going from brunette to blonde?

A: Consider the general health of your hair. Your hair needs to be in a good state that can handle the bleach for this transformation. If you’re unsure, consult with your hair stylist or specialist before hand.



Q: Why can’t I go platinum in one sitting?

A: Depending on your hair’s color, and the type of dye you’ve been using {ie. box dye vs salon dyed} reaching this desired ashy blonde can be hard to lift and to┬áminimize damage, it’s best to do little by little, giving your hair time to rest and rebuild in between.


Q: How do you maintain the blonde with washes?

A: Purple shampoo because it tones out any of the natural gold pigment that hair has.


Q: Why is Olaplex so important when using bleach?

A: It’s better than a deep conditioner because it’s proven to re-bond damaged hair.



My first visit was left at a copper tone because that’s as much as my hair could lift before being damaged to the point of no return. Having my hair so dark for so long, I was actually surprised it lifted this much in just one sitting. As you can see {on the left}, certain parts lifted more than others.


copper blonde from brunette hairstyle
brunette to platinum blonde


After I was sent home with Olaplex still in my hair, we left it for about a month before I came back for my final color. Sara ended up having to touch up certain parts only as some of my hair lifted more than others. She painted around certain areas and continuously watched and rubbed the bleached ends to activate the heat. She’s an artist, and her attention to detail was superb.


After the bleach, came the toning. We did what’s called a “shadow root” because I found it to be the least amount of┬ámaintenance once all was said and done. She used two different toners, one on my root for the darker tone, and one on the rest of my hair for the lighter, more ashy, tone.



So, to sum up: What you can expect going from brunette to blonde is:

  1. Avoid box-dye forever.
  2. Find a good colorist. {For those in New York, Sara from SaraJuneBK is amazing!}
  3. Your hair will turn red/ have a copper tone.
  4. This isn’t an overnight process. Be patient.
  5. Your hair is delicate. Quality products {and good purple shampoo & conditioners} are a must.