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Get Winter Ready With These Canadian Boots

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In Canada we transition from fall to winter faster than the average so winter gear is pretty much a staple for any Canadian. I’d say roughly 90% of my closet consists of winter wear: knits, coats, boots, etc. which is great because cozy wear just happens to be my favorite kind of wear, but with that said I feel like I’ve seen it all when it comes to winter gear. We’ve got hand and feet warmers, Helly tech jackets, Uggs, Aritzia’s puffer coats and Canada Goose to name a few. Canadian’s really know how to keep you warm and winter ready. But there’s a new invention I’ve recently been introduced to by Canadian-based brand, Alfred C, with a twist on winter boots. Hand made in Canada, these boots are uniquely custom made to your foot measurements using only high quality materials.


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Not only that but they have retractable stainless steel cleats made perfect for hiking or how about just the fact that you don’t have to worry as much about slipping on ice [a big problem during our winters here in Alberta]. I’ve personally never seen a feature like this before so I thought that was pretty cool. Every year Kevin and I go on a “winter wonderland” walk to look at all the Christmas lights and I’m constantly having to watch where I step so I don’t slip– but not this year! They’re lined with wool AND Thinsulate plus 300 g microfibre insulation on the inside so they’re just as warm as they are useful. I have a code for you “Amber15” which will give you 15% off your first order and will remain good to use until November 7th [2 weeks from today].














Probably my favorite part, though, is being able to totally customize your own boots. They have over 15 different fabrics and prints to choose from with different customizable parts on the boot. I’ve always been pretty classic gal when it comes to prints so I picked the timeless black with a hint of leopard print at the top [as you can see in the above pic]. But they also have an option where you can add a faux furry tongue which I thought was super cute too. You can customize your own on their website here. I think it’s safe to say these Canadian made boots are designed for our tough Canadian winters.




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