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Our Bar Cart Decor and How To Style

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I’ve become increasingly more obsessed with Pinterest as I start to redo the house. It’s become my go to for all things decor and home-related. That being said, as I was searching for inspiration on Pinterest and bar cart styling, I came up short with images I really loved. I found all of them to either be too girly, too bare, or just not my taste. So this is where I got really creative, going in kind of blind. I did, however, notice one thing in common upon browsing many of the decorative bar cart images, lots were shown with the bottles on the top shelf and the glasses on the bottom shelf. I really liked the look of that so that’s the basis of what I went with. Keeping that in mind I knew I wanted some type of greenery {I’m obsessed with greenery. It was the basis for our wedding, anytime I visit the farmer’s market I leave with a plant, and I have at least 20 scattered throughout our house. I think greenery is such a nice way to add character to a home}. I also had this framed photo of Kevin and his best men from our wedding {it’s my favorite photo of him ever} and I didn’t know what to do with it. So, I tried it with the bar cart and, voila, it just worked.


Whenever you’re styling a bar cart the key is to not have it look overcrowded. Nothing looks worse to me than a cluttered, messy area. After I had put together the glasses, bottles, and greenery with the framed photo I felt something was missing. It was a bit too bare, a bit drab, so I livened it up with some colorful fruit- I mean what’s more fitting for cocktails than adding fruit? I can’t have a cocktail without it! Now all I have to do is remember to dust it twice a week.


Below are some decor pieces I found, perfect for bar cart styling {many of which I’ve shown in the above image}. Simply hover over the item and click to shop!



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