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My Delayed New York Move

I’ve had a few people ask me about why my move was so delayed. I mean I guess I can see why; I announced I was moving back in May so it’s makes sense I’m getting these questions. Let me just start by saying, moving is honestly so much easier said than done. I waited to explain the story until I was officially in New York because so many things had gone wrong that I didn’t want to put my foot in my mouth yet again.

Truth is, I was supposed to move on May 1st, which then got pushed back to May 15th due to lack of timing. My 1st roommate was currently subletting so we were going to look for a place together. I could only commit to a 6-month lease {short-term} since I am getting married this time next year, I wanted to be back in Canada for at least a few months before the big day to help with further planning, etc. First, finding a short-term rental is very difficult in New York and places go fast. After searching on countless sites and reaching out to what felt like hundreds of brokers, we figured we’d just settle for one year and break the lease. We were prepared to lose some mullah; however, we weren’t prepared for the insane broker fees that came with it. After wafting through some scammers {one guy actually tried to charge me $200 to view the apartment} and negotiating on a broker deal, we realized it wasn’t a viable option and my then-potential roommate had actually moved back home, out of NYC.

That set me back about a month and a half, then I found another girl who had her lease up on July 1st and was looking to relocate to Manhattan. After discussing that I couldn’t commit to a year, we agreed we’d find someone to take over after 6 months. Well tenants had a major problem with this and once I flew down to NYC to view apartments, I suddenly got very short, delayed responses, to which I gave up.

After feeling defeated and frustrated by the whole process I was ready to book an extended stay hotel {which is incredibly costly but I was desperate}. On my last day in New York, before flying back to Canada, I met with a fellow blogger for coffee. I told her my entire story and her best friend happened to be looking for a roommate a few weeks from then. And now here I am.

Bottom line: Trust the timing of your life. Things will happen when they’re supposed to. If you’re looking for a sign, I am that sign. Never give up on yourself or your dreams.




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