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Our Bedroom Renovation

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New York was many great things but one it was not was the interior decor of the home I lived in. I’ve come to find that living in a clean, organized, aesthetically pleasing home is something of importance to me. Something I didn’t care much for before. I came back to Canada excited to redo our house, garden, and grow my own plants. This was stuff I used to laugh at like, “who gets excited about gardening? Labor and dirt? No thanks.” Now I’m finding myself excited about going to home depot and googling ‘banana palms for indoors’ while lying in bed thinking about my next inspiration. Who am I? When did I become so domesticated? Either way, here we are.



One thing I’ve always disliked in our home was our bedroom. Kevin bought this house a couple years before we moved in together and the neighborhood is amazing, the location is great, the house is a 2-story corner lot with tons of windows for light; overall, it’s beautiful. But as you know, we all have specific tastes when it comes to design, and the owners before us had what I’d describe as the polar opposite taste of ours. When he originally moved in the walls were pink and blue… let that sink in for a moment… pink. and. blue. He painted over the main interiors with a light grey/ white hue and added in some wooded and leather decor. One thing he left, though, was the original bedroom.



I moved in roughly 2 years ago. I’ve always admired Kevin’s taste. I think we’re very similar as we both enjoy woods, whites, and leather. The bedroom was left a dark brown color on one wall and a light brown color on the other three walls. Don’t ask me how pink and blue, and brown’s all collided under one house but that’s what we had to work with. The room itself had dents all over the walls and a broken black curtain rod hanging with some tape around the broken part. Although we didn’t rip down any walls or pull out any flooring, we did some major decor redesign that I think really turned the place around.



DIY home decor reno boho style



First we painted the walls and baseboards white. One thing I remember learning from interior design school way back when was painting things white makes the room look bigger, same with painting the baseboards and walls the same color. The room really did look a lot bigger and, of course, brighter nearly instantly. Even Kevin said as we were painting that he felt like he was going to go blind because of how bright it was. Our room faces east so we get a lot of morning light coming through our already big windows.



Next we got some new curtains and a white rod. I like the light shining through in the morning. I personally feel it’s a great way to wake up, and I like the look of white curtains illuminating the natural sunlight.


DIY home boho Scandinavian decor
DIY boho Scandinavian clean decor


We mixed high and low pieces with some old and new. One thing we already had was the dresser and bed frame {although I’d still like to stain it to a dark wood like this one}. To change a dated look on the dresser I just added some knobs I found from Anthropologie. We got some new side tables I found on Overstock– I wanted to add some more wood into our decor. Finally, the hats on the wall was inspiration behind one of my favorite NYC coffee shops, Broken Coconut. Overall, I like a mix of clean design with a Scandinavian, boho touch; a mixture of textures with contrasts and soft hues. To me, a clean design is timeless. And lots of greenery found from various spots such as Home Depot, IKEA, Walmart and landscape stores.


DIY boho bedroom decor
DIY boho bedroom reno decor



Lastly, I still want to add a circle mirror and a Persian-style rug. If you know of any places, please leave me a comment below!

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