Every Cosmetic Treatment I’ve Had Done

cosmetic treatments



I feel like I’m one in only a very few who openly talks about their cosmetic treatments. Perhaps I’m following a very niche kind or perhaps it’s actually taboo and no one wants to share. Either way, I’ve been open since day 1 about my treatments because I’m not about that smoke and mirrors life Instagram often portrays. Yes, it would certainly be wonderful to naturally have big lips or no frown lines but guess what, I’m not superhuman and I wasn’t born with certain characteristics. Enter the never ending debate on the world of beauty.



I get tons of questions from readers about who I go to and what I’ve had done. Although I’m not going to lie, when people DM me asking what I’ve had done to my face I do get a bit tense- I don’t really know why because I’m so open about it online that questions like that should be asked, yet, it’s almost weird not to respond with enthusiasm. Either way, I have no shame in stating what I’ve done so here lies the list of every cosmetic procedure I’ve ever had done.




I started filling my lips when I was roughly 19-20. I was born with the thinnest upper lip alive, so thin, in fact, I almost didn’t have a lip at all! When I tell people I get my lips done they’re often flabbergasted and can’t see it, which I totally take as a compliment. I’m not about that Kylie Jenner style, although it totally works on some girls. I, however, have always liked the most natural looking approach; I think that is the key to cosmetic treatments as a whole- knowing the fine line of “everything in moderation”. I’m also not knocking girls who prefer to make a bigger statement because to each their own, this is just my personal preference and how I choose to promote when talking about cosmetic procedures.



That being said, I’ve been getting my lips done for nearly 10 years now and I can tell you- combined with the right filler for your body and finding a good cosmetic nurse/doctor is absolute key. I’ve been to what feels like 10 different nurses and doctors who “specialize” in injections and just 2 years ago I found someone I absolutely love. I’ve talked about her many times on my Instagram stories, Lisa, from Faces DermaStudio is my favorite. Although the website is a bit dated, she will give you the best care and attention out of anyone in the city! And aren’t we all looking for someone to make us feel special?



Next I started on Botox and Dysport {without going into extensive detail, it essentially does the same thing as Botox}. I started on Botox about 3-4 years ago, as soon as I hit the 25 mark. I think this is a good time to start because, like I’ve said before, these injections help freeze and, therefore, prevent any future wrinkles from forming. I always suppress a sigh when I hear people telling me I’m too young and don’t need Botox/ Dysport. I don’t want to see lines and them try to correct them, I want to prevent them all together! Lisa has been using Dysport on me every 4 months, because it wears off typically every 3-6 months. I don’t see why Dysport isn’t a perforce in a beauty regimen. It certainly is in mine.



Just recently, I tried filler under my eyes because I felt that I was hollowing out underneath my tear ducts. Although I liked the result, I’m not sure I saw a big enough difference that I’d do it again. Perhaps when I’m much older, and by ‘much’ I mean 10 years from now. Yikes!



Finally, I had my nose done when I was 23. Yep. You read that right, I had what doctors call, Rhinoplasty. Why? Out of everything I’ve had done, my nose was my biggest insecurity growing up. I remember saving up every single penny I made from work for over a year so I could do this. You wouldn’t be able to tell today because I wanted my natural nose to stay the same, I just wanted a small bump taken out. You wouldn’t have even been able to see it from the front, but when I turned to the side, you’d see a slight protruding bump on the upper part of my nose. I made sure to tell the doctor I didn’t want anything done to my nose other than the removal of that small bump. He did a spectacular job and most people didn’t even notice, but I did. And I felt great once I was all healed up.



Cosmetic treatments certainly aren’t for everyone. In fact, I had a girl unfollow me because it bothers her that much that I openly talk about it. And I totally agree that there really is a defect perspective on all of this. Ah, the facade of beauty. I mean, many of us have faces or bodies that are different from the prevailing “norm” of beauty. And coming to terms with these differences is a huge step in helping one feel good about themselves. I understand that taking these cosmetic routes will help delay the effects of aging, and, thus, have different expectations of what we are meant to look like in our later years. There are still things with my body I am unhappy with and have learned to accept but if small enhancements make one feel better, while we have this one life of ours on earth, who’s to say no to someone else’s choice? The never ending debate.