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Exuma, Bahamas


I just got back from a week long vacation in the beautiful islands of the caribbean. We stayed in Exuma, a smaller island than the main Nassau. It’s known for its crystal clear, turquoise waters and world-renowned beaches, and it definitely lives up to its name!
Although our time there was only for one week, we saw and did so much. The second day we did an excursion with a company called “Four C’s”- I highly recommend booking with them if you are traveling there- they were great. We did a half-day excursion and did as much as a full day. One recommendation: If you do choose to do this half day excursion, make sure to either have a very large meal before you leave or bring a snack with you. They serve water but only a small bag of chips for the afternoon, which, in my opinion, is definitely not enough.
It rained for a couple of days during our stay, which is typical while in the caribbean since the weather can be rather unpredictable; however, we rented a car so we could explore the island. Talking to the locals really helped us out with exploring parts of the island that were more unknown to local tourists. Our favorite part was visiting the sand bar at a very secluded, private beach. You can walk out into the ocean for miles and miles and find thousands of sand dollars and starfish. It’s absolutely magical.
I will note that before traveling to the tropics it is important to know about the sand fleas (or sand flies). They are relentless out there! I got nearly eaten alive by these things, so bad that while leaving I looked like I had the chicken pox! Off spray does not work either, the locals say that baby oil will help with them because they will get stuck in the oil and, thus, unable to bite you. I haven’t tried this, though, I will take their word for it. Secondly, if you’re going, I would recommend all inclusive. The eating out is very expensive!! With the being said, it is an absolute tropical paradise and the beaches are pristine.













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