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Fall’s Spiced Tea Recipe

Fall spice tea recipe



Welcoming October 1st with this cozy "fall" inspired drink! Lately I've really been on the tea train rather than coffee. In the morning I'll make either an english breakfast or drink echinacea tea with lemon and turmeric powder to get my metabolism moving. Then I'll have a camomile or orange spice before bed. Coffee just isn't in my daily routine as of late, unless I take a quick espresso on the go. So, naturally, I wanted to create a post for the non-coffee drinkers out there who love tea as much as me lately.


My husband is 100% a coffee drinker, I mean will even drink a decaf at night because he just loves the taste so much, and even he admitted to loving this one! So if you're on the fence, perhaps that convinced you? Either way, here's a nice fall tea recipe for those looking for a cozy night in.


Fall spice tea recipe



Lately I started adding spices and cloves to my teas, which really has taken it to the next level. I mean if you follow me on Instagram you can tell I obviously love everything fall-related. It's, hands down, my favorite season to dress for. And with this drink I feel so festive; plus, it's delicious! Instead of having a black tea with milk and/or sugar, which can get a bit boring after some time, add some spices to it like this one!

I like my tea strong so I steep for extra long but if you like it lighter, only steep for about 3-4 minutes.


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