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My 4 Favorite Scents Of All Time


Don't get me wrong, Diptyque will forever go down in my history books as one of the world's greatest candle scents but there are so many others out there, less mainstream, worth mentioning. It's no secret I have a serious obsession with luxury candles- I think I've mentioned it one way or another at least 5 different times in past blog posts, but today I am sharing my all time favorite scents. Normally I don't like to make definitive statements when talking about beauty or fashion products because things are always changing. For instance, 2 years ago I said I would never be caught dead wearing a bucket hat and this season I've been seriously contemplating buying one. You just never know how things will change down the road. And to be honest, I don't really have an all time favorite lotion or style of shoe or hair product- I just have a bunch of different ones in each category that I love equally. Plus, I'm always adding to my collection, finding new favorites along the way. But given that I've had these scents lingering around my house for many years, [aside from one I will mention later on] I feel quite confident in saying "all time favorites" for the best scented candle brands out there. So if you're a person who loves natural, herbal and floral scents [not sweet], I think you'll love these as much as I do.




Ski House

Although these aren't in a specific order of #1 to #4, this particular scent does come first to mind when thinking about my all time favorites. I have the room mist pictured, but so badly want the candle version. The scent is just absolutely magical!

Although more difficult to find, totally worth it. I own the sandalwood scented one and I've had it for roughly 3 years now- the scent is still just as strong as when I first bought it. It's the lightest scent of all 4 I've mentioned but smells like a spa!

Typically only stocked around Christmas time, Thymes' Frasier Fir is unparalleled to any other Christmas scent out there. The strong smell of pine smells [somehow] even better than an actual Christmas tree! This is the only scent I'll ever use for Christmas/ winter. 100% obsessed.

This can only be bought at the actual Surfrider Malibu, as it's their own make. Although this one is new-ish for me, I'll never forget walking in and being taken back by the incredible decor [major goals] but more so, the scent! Definitely a take-home treasure next time you're in LA.

*Only 1 out of the 4 listed are linked with a shoppable link. Frasier Fir is typically only available to purchase around Christmas time, and Scents of Sicily + The Surfrider Malibu candles are only available for purchase at small boutiques and/or the direct online website/ in person. 

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