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My Favorite Facial Masks of 2019

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Can someone be "mask addicted"? Because if so, I definitely am. I mean the recommended times to mask per week are usually between 2-3 but I do more like 4-5. Is there really a limit to how often you should face mask? I just love the feeling it leaves- my skin is so beyond soft and smooth and smells like a midsummer night's dream. Okay, I don't know what that would smell like but I'd imagine it to be good. I can't say I have one specific favorite since each one caters to a different need, but all of these on this post are very good - you can trust me on this, I won't steer you wrong.


Over the course of the years I've acquired many different types of facial masks. Muddy clay masks, gel masks, hydrating masks, firming masks, the list goes on and on. Each one being unique to tailor to a particular problem. For instance, in the winter I like to use Farmacy's Honey Potion. It's not only extremely moisturizing, but it's warming too! I love warming masks - as you rub the mask into your face it heats up - leaving your skin not only feeling hydrated but toasty warm and cozy. It has a thick, gel like texture and feels quite literally like... well... honey!





Honey Potion Mask


I've just recently been introduced to a new skincare brand and after having used their products for a few months now, have grown very fond of them. The brand is called Omorovicza. After trying out their Queen of Hungary mist, I tested out a few other products from their line and found I liked [for the most part] all of it! Just yesterday I used the Deep Cleansing Mask and shared it on my Instagram stories. I particularly like the smell of this one and how it leaves my skin feeling bright and smooth. This one is a muddy clay mask texture and smells fresh, clean and organic.




Deep Cleansing Mask


I have a few other favorites for different reasons that I think are worth mentioning. The Magnetight Age-Defier by Dr. Brandt is a staple in my mask routine. Good for literally any time of the year and leaves your skin feeling super hydrated and supple smooth. This is an iron-based formula that you take off with a magnet! I enjoy taking it off as much as I do putting it on.


MZ Skin's Radiance and Renewal mask is an exfoliating mask and helps eliminate pigmentation. This one is super light and airy. I exfoliate once a week.


Finally, Image has been a brand I've used sporadically off and on for years now. They have some great staple skincare items. I've been using the firming mask for a couple weeks now, which has been great for improving tightness.

Dr. Brandt

Magnetight Age-Defier Mask


MZ Skin

Radiance & Renewal Mask



Firming Transformation Mask



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