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Getting More Real, Flaws And All

Hilary Duff giving us inspiration on body shaming response


I recently read an article with Hilary Duff, responding to the body shaming comments she received while she was on vacation with her son. It truly touched me. She posted a photo with her son in a bikini in which showcased her "flaws." She later wrote a somewhat lengthy response to the haters telling them she was enjoying her vacation with her son and although her body might not be perfect, she accepts it because it gave her the greatest gift she could ever ask for- her son. She ended the response with a "#kissmyass." I've been a Hilary Duff fan since the Lizzy Mcguire days and she's stayed tried and true since.

I often like to pride myself on being "real" with my readers, and open about my thoughts/ life. Although this has gotten me in trouble from time to time -my last post on loop giveaways got some mixed reviews- I believe the people who are unapologetically themselves are the most real and, thus, respected and remembered. It's like that saying "I'd rather be someone's shot of whiskey than everyone's cup of tea." Take a page out of the Hilary Duff book and be, unapologetically, yourself!

In other news, I'm always a fan for classics with a twist. This top is simple as it is classic but the major twist is the buttons are on the back. I love simple lines and, obviously, white any time of the year! I also ordered like 3 different pairs of cropped flare jeans. My obsession is still going on strong!

Hilary Duff giving us inspiration on body shaming response
Hilary Duff giving us inspiration on body shaming response


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