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How I Get That “Summertime Dewy” Glowing Skin

glowing skin products dewy look
Glowing skin products dewy look

During the summer months I try to use the most minimal amount of makeup as possible. Realistically, I always try to use minimal foundation, but with the summer months being so hot and muggy, the upper lip sweat is real... and so are my breakouts. So minimizing where I can is always what I try to do. That being said, a natural glow can easily be done with minimal makeup and products- I really only rely on a few. Listed below are my favorites for glowing skin products.

Face Sculptor Contour & Highlight


Who could've guessed a highlight would be on the list? Probably as soon as you read the title of this post. But with that being said, this particular highlighter is my favorite. I use the gold on the bridge of my nose, upper lip, cheekbones, and around the temples of my hairline. So good for that natural dewy glow.

The Face Illuminating Self-Tan Drops


If you've listened to my many posts on wearing sunscreen, especially on your face, then your face really shouldn't ever be "tanned" so you'll need self tanner. I just recently starting using this stuff and love it. It's specifically for your face so I feel much better putting that on rather than body self tanner which I feel like might clog my pores.

Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint


Using illuminating moisturizer is one of the easiest ways to get a dewy glow. The main component to a "glow" is moisturized looking skin so it only makes sense to keep your skin as emollient as possible.

Dewy Set Setting Spray

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Setting spray not only gives you a dewy glow, it doubles as a protector... or a primer in this case. The packaging looks glittery but it's not. It goes on smooth, clear and gives a radiant finish. One of my favorite products to date. I was a bit hesitant towards this product at first because it looks super oily and shimmery but it didn't feel or look that way once the setting was on my face. The ultimate finish for a "dewy glow".


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