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The One Article Of Clothing I Always Get Compliments On

gold romper open back



Rompers: You either love ’em or hate ’em. {NYLON quoted them as oppressive, but more on that later.} I happen to fall into the category of ‘love’ and I’ll explain why. It’s pretty obvious that rompers, also known as ‘playsuits’, have been a popular trend; in fact, they’ve been off and on popular since they surfaced in the 1940s or 50s {it’s still unclear for me- I’ve googled it and found different dates on different sites}. Either way, whenever I put one on I seem to get compliments left and right, certainly more so than anything else I wear in my closet. Why? I asked myself what it is exactly that I love, amongst everyone else apparently, so much about the romper.



lace up sandals Gold Romper gold sunglasses
open back gold romper vneck



Well, for one, it’s literally an outfit in one. You slip it on and walk right out the door. No worry of what shorts to wear with what top, mixing and matching of sorts; the romper does it for you. So instead of standing and staring at your closet trying to concoct a chic look, throw on a romper and walk out the door in less than 30 seconds, like I did with this gold romper here.


Sure, rompers come in and out of fashion and have done so for decades. I get it. The world is a consumer-driven society and fashion is definitely no exception of that, but, perhaps, even the main source of it; and while capitalism dictates the consumers wants and desires, I get that the trend of rompers could be gone next year and, suddenly, this post of me loving rompers becomes not only irrelevant but as mortifying as wearing Christian Audigier in 2017, or 2016, or 2015… or nearly ever for that matter. But as I base my blog off of fashion, my readers know when something’s trending. And #sorrynotsorry rompers are trending and I like them {rn}. Moving on…



lace up gold romper
close Gold Romper gold sunglasses



If you own a romper *playsuit* or have seen one then you probably know they have a looser fit {hello comfort} but aside from that, they’re flattering on every body type. But if you own one you obviously own it because you know you look good in it. I’ve been told, however, that rompers don’t fit well on women with longer torsos, although I feel the looser fit is intended for such difference but I don’t know for sure. Did you know that rompers were initially invented for babies? Yes, babies, because it was easier for mom’s to get around the diaper by unclipping the bottom. Women don’t have that option, though, so we’re left with taking off our entire outfit to use the bathroom. If you were to Google “rompers” you’d get a mixture of babies and women styles in the shop section.



No, rompers don’t have a valid function other than coverage, and sure, I’ve heard the term “adult onesie” when referring to a romper. NYLON even went as far as referring the romper as the perpetuating interest for the male gaze {I’m sorry, but what I put on my body is not for any man’s interest but my damn self}. Yet, unfortunately for the nay sayers of the romper, I’m not going to let those debilitating opinions deter my feelings on said trend. Why? Because, besides comfort, one thing trumps every other disadvantage I’ve listed on the romper. What’s that you ask? They’re f*cking cute! 


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