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Good News: Call Me Aunty Amber



My brother and his girlfriend are having a baby boy!!! Okay, that’s not new news. She’s due in December so it’s actually pretty old news at this point. Out of respect to my brother and his girlfriend I’ve kept it pretty quiet, even though I enjoy sharing my life doesn’t mean I can openly share other’s online. Especially since they’re particularly private people so whenever I’m with them I put my phone away and try to respect their privacy. However, this news was just too exciting I had to share- I’m going to be an Aunt and a Godmother, and I couldn’t be more excited!



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Yesterday Kevin and I met with my side of the family at one of my favorite little cafes to catch up and sip lattes. We talked all about her due date, baby names, how the pregnancy has been {I like to catch up on these things and be in the know for one day when we decide to have our little own munchkin} and *bam* they dropped the big Q: “Will you be the Godparents?” Naturally I held back tears and said, “Duh, yes!” I had a feeling this was what one of the things they wanted to talk to us about before meeting. I feel so lucky to be so close to my brother and his girlfriend is honestly so lovely, I’m so fortunate to have such a wonderful family.


This really got me thinking, I mean I’ve always thought about having a family of my own, but something changes when someone you’re so close to has a baby. Suddenly it doesn’t seem like this distant realm of “one day” and starts to feel more “real”. For now, Kevin and I both have decided on adopting a dog first and we’re still not even quite ready for that! We’ve got plans to move in the near future and would like to be settled down there before adding a +1. But again, you just never know where life will take you! For now, I’m so thrilled about being an Aunty, and getting to sit by and learn from them while they screw up {insert crying/laughing emoji here}.

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