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House Plants 101

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I have, what feels like, 1,500 house plants scattered all throughout the house. I don’t know exactly what it is about plants but I just can’t seem to get enough. The photo above is one I really love, snake plant benefits are pretty high in the plant world but more on that later. They say you’re supposed to see if you can take care of a plant before getting a pet but, of course, this is a very loose term considering pets are an entirely different ball park. With that being said though, I love my plants *almost* as much as my cat. Maybe I’m just a crazy plant lady but a couple months ago I had to get rid of my banana palm tree I had for over a year and was honestly really sad about it. The plant had contracted scales – bugs that suck the nutrients out of your plants – and believe me when I say I tried everything to save it. Visited numerous nurseries around my city to ask for advice, bought many different products that are supposed to help with scaling but, sadly, it was too far gone. I still don’t know how on earth it even contracted scales considering it was only ever an indoor plant. But alas, I’ve come to terms with it and moved on.



I often get many questions on my house plants, usually whenever I share something on my Instagram stories with one of my plants in the background. I figured I’d answer all your questions here for any plant newbies or even if you’re just looking for some new additions. Let’s start with the most common question:

What is the easiest indoor plant to take care of?

In other words, the least amount of work and easiest for a new plant owner to start with. To name a few: cacti, succulents, Heart Leaf philodendron, aloe are amongst the many of easy plants to care for. My most recent purchase was actually a Heart Leaf philodendron. I hung it in my office in place of where my banana palm used to be. I love it- it’s cute, adds warmth, and is the easiest plant I own [besides my cactus] to take care of.


office philodendron plant


I mentioned that succulents are super easy to care for too and although that is true, I personally don’t like the look of succulents after a while because if they don’t get enough sunlight [and I’ve put mine up against windows in the past for maximum sun exposure] they’ll grow upward and I personally don’t like the look of that. So I stopped buying succulents a while ago.


What are the most useful house plants?

Probably the most universally beneficial part of having a house plant is the improved air quality. It’s by no means a significant improvement but minimal at that. They do this by absorbing pollutants in the air through their leaves and roots, and they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Win-win!

Snake plants (aka: Sansevieria) [pictured in the first photo] might be one of the more useful plants because of the many benefits. It requires relatively little sunlight and water to thrive, making it a perfect corner piece. They’re particularly great in soaking up carbon dioxide during the day and releasing oxygen overnight. Snake plant benefits are similar to the others mentioned below.

English Ivy is another plant that is particularly great for natural air filtration. You often see these in offices under the florescent lighting. They’re easy to care for and require only indirect light.

Dracaena is what I have in my living room. I have only a small, potted plant but these guys can grow up to 8 feet tall!

What are the most reasonably priced house plants?

House plants, generally, are quite reasonably priced I find- it’s the cute pots to put them in that can really add up [although I managed to add a couple links below in addition to the ones I want for my backyard]. A couple months ago I was visiting the farmers market and left with 3 different plants all for $12! Typically, I get my house plants from Home Depot but I never pass by a garden store without going in to check things out. I think speciality garden stores are the priciest. Actually a friend of mine got a few of her plants from Facebook Marketplace! She was surprised how many huge plants were being sold for next to nothing. I have yet to check this out myself but if I’m in need of a larger tree I’d check there first. My next addition will be a fig tree!


office indoor plant
bedroom indoor house plant


What are some of your favorite house plants? 


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