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How I’m Getting Over My Fear Of Flying



Since I was a child {10 or 11} I’ve been flying on international flights. My parents split when I was young so while my Dad still lives in Texas, my mom relocated to Canada. It’s weird because when I was younger I never had a problem with flying- I only started to notice my anxiety a few years ago. With that being said, whenever turbulence hits I become a nervous wreck. I remember once the turbulence was so bad on my way to Miami that I had my first full on panic attack. I couldn’t breathe and felt like the walls were closing in on me. It was horrible.



The last few years I’ve been flying, though, I’ve been actively trying to find ways to “cure” it without relying on medication. I feel that medication covers up a problem short term, and since traveling internationally is part of what I hope to do with my life I really need to get over it. Although I don’t consider myself a “pro” by any means, there are things that I have found help keep me calm and also calm me down in times I feel my panic attack creeping up.



1. Stats

I’m a black and white person. I was never good at physcology in college because I find it’s a lot of “grey areas” where there is no right and wrong. I’m a person who needs stats and proof of analysis to believe something. So when I look at the stats of turbulence on a plane and correlation with a descent, I instantly feel better. Did you know that the number of crashes due to turbulence can be counted on one hand in the history of modern flying? Now I know what you might be thinking {because I thought it too at first}, “even still, there have still be reported anywhere up to 5 crashes from turbulence.” So I went into this further and turns out the reasons behind that were an ill-informed or trained pilot combined with extreme weather conditions. In this day and age, no pilot, or plane, will take off knowing there is extreme weather on their route. The flight will simply be cancelled, delayed, or the route will be changed. So rest assured.


Did you know you’re 10x more likely to pass from a car crash than a plane crash? And you risk that every single day.



2. Preventative anxiety tactics

I recently read on another favorite blogger’s website that a pulsing technique has helped her whenever she feels an anxiety attack coming on. Although I haven’t tested this theory myself I can definitely see it helping by focusing on doing something rather than focusing on the moment. I have used the 5 senses as a way to calm me. This is when you stop in the moment and say, out loud, 5 things you see, 4 things you feel, 3 things you hear, 2 things you taste {or trying to remember a familiar taste like bubblegum}, and 1 thing you smell.



3. Practice

You know the saying “practice makes perfect”? Well, I know I might not ever be “perfect” at flying but I’ve taken a total of 17 flights since this past December alone and although not easy, I’m slowly becoming better at relaxing during turbulence. I talked to a pilot a little while ago who told me it was like driving down a bumpy dirt road. Turbulence isn’t life threatening, it’s just more of an annoyance than anything.



Do you have a fear of flying? Let me know your thoughts and what helps you.


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