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How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Invitations

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“Going to the Chapel and we’re gonna get married”


Wedding invitations are the first thing people see regarding your special day so it’s an important aspect when setting the tone and theme of your wedding. It’s kind of like a first impression when meeting someone new. Do you shake, do you hug, do you wave hello? Except when choosing invites it’s more like, do I worry about price, design, theme? So many options. And similar to choosing your dress, it can add to the stress as there are literally thousands upon thousands of different designs, vendors, and styles. Not to worry though, here is a break down of what you need to know:



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Price is important; however, you don’t want to look for the cheapest wedding invitations and stop there. After all, you know your mother-in-law will be keeping these forever. Take a moment to lay down what you’re willing to spend on your invites. We got ours from Minted, this site has many different pricing options, styles, and designs.





As mentioned above, theme is definitely one important aspect to consider. What are your colors? Location? Indoor or outdoor? Time of year?

Kevin and I both wanted an outdoor wedding, and we had originally hoped for a June wedding. However, sadly, the location we booked was fully slammed the month of both June and July so we settled for August. Still an outdoor wedding but bug spray will be a must. We both love greenery {obviously} and we’re pretty set on having a summer wedding too. So this worked out pretty easily for us. Having said that, it’s not always easy choosing a time and location as things fall through, friends and family come into play of who’s doing what, and setting expectations which can sometimes lead to disappointment {i.e. for us, the month of June being all booked up}.





Design: Where stationary printing, card stock, and wording all come into play. Engraving, calligraphy, thermography- all different stationary prints worth considering. You’ll want to have a similar font carry through to your wedding day. I’m more of a traditional bride so I like the white cotton card stock that has a simple and elegant appearance with a more traditional font. Some brides, however, like the look of adding a photo to their wedding invites, and some like a metallic pocket fold. Everyone is different. I suggest considering your theme first and then putting together the invitations. Lastly, don’t forget to


Sign, Seal, Deliver!


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