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Tutorial: How I Curl My Short Hair

How to curl short hair tutorial



I’ve sat in enough stylist’s chairs to know a fair amount of tips and tricks on perfecting the wave. Although I will admit, it takes some time to learn how to perfect your specific curl {it sounds a bit silly but it’s kind of like riding a bike- you’re never going to get it perfect the first time} yet, through trial and error, I’ve come up with my favorite style and how to create it! I originally come from Texas where the bigger the hair, the better, so volume and products are a must in my routine. Also, having shorter hair really helps with volume since it’s not so heavy. I have way more volume now than when I used to have long hair.


But I’m gonna be honest here, if you asked me to curl your hair I wouldn’t know how. Luckily, I can can do mine and since I’ve gotten asked how I style my hair so many times in the past, I wanted to share my guide with you. 🙂 Read on if you’d like to know how to curl short hair.



ouai wave spray curl short hair how to



I have poker straight hair. My mom always tells me how jealous she is because of it but I find you always want what you can’t have, so while I’d rather have her mane, I opt to do my best in creating a natural wave.


First, I start with Ouai wave spray. I spritz a few sprays -sometimes I’ll start with it and sometimes I’ll end with it- for texture.



how to curl short hair tutorial



Then, I tie my hair into 3 sections and I alternate between curls {some curled towards the front and some towards the back}. I use a 1 inch curling iron. You’ll notice I leave about an inch or so out. If you want a tasseled wave look, don’t curl the ends.


I also hold the curling iron for only roughly 5 seconds before moving onto the next one. If you want a couple ideas on hairstyles for short hair, check out my post I did a while back.



curl hair short to long



The above image may be a bit tricky to explain so I’ve implemented a video below for you to view how I do this:




bumble and bumble dryspun finish




Once I’ve curled all of my hair, I’ll take my 3 favorite products {I love products so don’t feel you’ll need to use them all, or at least as much as I do}. #ProductForDays


First I use the Bumble & Bumble dryspun finish. It’s my favorite smell ever for a hair product and gives my hair a thicker feel and finish.  I lift sections at the crown and temple and with a quick burst, you’ll get major volume. If you take away one thing from this how to curl short hair tutorial, I’d say to remember this product.


Then I’ll use the British M Organics Annatto Hair Oil for an immediate shine and moisture. Some air oils leave my hair feeling greasy and as someone who naturally has an oily scalp, I tend to steer clear of hair oils but I don’t feel that way about this one. I also really love it because it not only smells amazing, but feels so light when on, protects from UV damage, and uses pumpkin seed and argan oil.


I’ll end with my favorite hairspray, Schwarzkopf Freeze Spray. I’ve used lots of different hairsprays and some are great but this one really stand true to the test of longevity. ‘Freeze’ really does mean freeze! You can find this hairspray almost anywhere and it’s super affordable! This product holds my hair in place and really keeps the curls all day long.


how to curl short hair tutorial



Finally I’ll end with flipping my head upside down and running my fingers through the hair for volume.


What do you think? Have you tried any of these ‘how to curl short hair’ techniques or products?  Let me know in the comments below. Xx


How I Curl My Short Hair


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