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How To Get Rid Of Oily Hair

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“How to get rid of oily hair”

was one of the most common questions asked into Siri over the past year and I can see why. Clearly, most of us have the same problem: we want luscious, smooth, shiny hair but hold the grease, please. For me, I find that I have particularly greasy hair 3 times throughout the year. 1) Whenever I travel and land in a specifically different climate. Actually, whenever I travel, period. Something about being on the plane. 2) When it’s the peak of summer and hot AF outside *makes sense* and, finally, 3) In the dead of winter. My hair gets really dry and staticy and overcompensates by producing extra oils.


A few weeks ago I asked my instafam to weigh in on remedies/ products they found that helped with eliminating oily hair. Surprisingly, I received more requests to share the answers than I received actual answers! So I decided to take all of the recommendations, test out a few different products, and then share the results after a few weeks. Through some trial and error I found what worked [well, what worked for me at least]. Before I get into it, I did manage to write down most of the suggestions from readers and will share those next in hopes that you might find some new lines you love!


Shampoo + Conditioners others have found that help with oily hair:

  • Dove Fortifying
  • L’Oreal Elvive
  • Love & Beauty Planet Radical Refresher
  • Lakme
  • Verb ghost line [this one was mentioned a few times]
  • Redken hair cleansing cream
  • Lush bar shampoo
  • B&B Sunday [this one was mentioned a few times]
  • Biolage Normalizing [this one was mentioned a few times]
  • Davines Melu [this one was mentioned a few times]


Here were a few tips others had mentioned:

  • Only use conditioner on the ends [not on the scalp]
  • Use apple cider vinegar
  • Use corn starch on the roots
  • Get a Mason Pearson brush
  • Add baking soda with shampoo
  • Use a face blotting sheet on scalp to soak up grease
  • Blow dry right after shower and add dry shampoo before oil starts
  • Use a scalp scrub
  • L’Oreal clay mask
  • Don’t wash hair too often


That last one mentioned is because oils can overcompensate when you overwash by producing even more oils. These oils your scalp creates are natural and actually good for your hair- by washing too much your body will only produce more. Best to balance this out by only washing 2-3 times a week [I honestly try to go only twice a week with washing my hair but, being totally honest, usually wash 3 times a week because I just cant handle the greasy feeling for too long].

A couple folks had said to chalk up the oily hair to hormones but some people [myself included] are just prone to oily hair and have been that way for most of our lives. Actually, a few fellow short-hair ladies had said they noticed their hair becoming greasier quicker when they cut it short! I wonder if there’s a science behind that- I’d be curious to find out. If you know, DM me!


oily hair fixes


With all of that being said, I bought and tested out a few different shampoos and conditioners, and found a couple tips [thanks to my readers] that worked! First, I’ve been using the Viviscal shampoo + conditioner for the past few months and I seriously love it! It’s a thickening shampoo and it’s magic [but I’ll share more on that next week]! Second, I found one tip particularly interesting in my goal of learning how to get rid of oily hair, and it really worked: blow dry right after your shower and then add dry shampoo.


You wouldn’t believe it but it really works- my hair stayed oil-free for an extra day, maybe even two, than normal. The trick, I think, is not only adding dry shampoo before the oil starts, but blow drying right away helps because when I let my hair air dry [which I do 98% of the time] I usually shower right before bed – I’ve never been a morning shower person – and then I’ll sleep with damp hair and wake up with dry hair but the oil starts to form overnight. So I like to look at it as a preemptive strike: Get the oil before the oil gets you!



Also, I’m using an ACV [apple cider vinegar] scalp scrub on my hair once a week which I have found to really help. When I had longer hair I would usually do two shampoo’s in the shower, now that I’m shorter I only do one but I find the shampoo doesn’t foam up much so I use a rather large dollop. With the ACV scalp scrub, I use that before my shampoo and now find even a pea size amount of shampoo does the trick. I’m using significantly less shampoo by doing this and find my hair is fresher and less oily. Highly recommend this!


All in all, with these small, simple changes I found I have prolonged the oil in my hair by roughly 2 days, which is pretty amazing for me. If you try out these tricks, please DM or email me and let me know how they worked for you. I’m curious to see if this really is the universal trick on how to get rid of oily hair. Until next time… Xx



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