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3 Things I Used To Grow My Nails Longer & Stronger

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For years I had super short nails, not because I was a biter, but just simply because that was what I preferred. I have extremely thin and long fingers so I thought that if I added length to them it would only accentuate the longitude of my finger, which, in a way it does, but not in the ET finger looking way I thought it would. There’s just something about longer nails that says ‘femininity’ to me. I have always loved the way it looks on so many women that I decided to try it out myself months ago… by getting acrylic nails. Is it just me or are you also so non-confrontational with any service that you’ll sit there and the person could saw your finger off and you still wouldn’t say anything? I showed a picture of what I wanted to the lady doing my nails and she made them so much longer than the photo that I went home right after my appointment and filed them down myself. That being said, I loved the look but didn’t like the feel of acrylic so a month later I tried growing them out naturally.


I’m sure the initial acrylic manicure didn’t help in the natural growth of my nails because they kept breaking. For like a month straight my nails just couldn’t grow past the tip of my finger without breaking. So I started experimenting. Just FYI: Growing naturally long nails requires some serious maintenance but I find it’s worth it. Here’s what I’ve been doing for the last while that I have found works for me. Of course, there is still breakage- it just happens from time to time, particularly if you are rough on your hands {manual labour, etc} but for the most part, they remain strong and in tact.


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How to grow long nails


1. Nail Strengthener

I started using nail strengthener and I’ve seen immediate results. It acts like a protective coating to your nails, leaving them feeling strong and sheen. I apply this roughly 2-3 times a week before I put on polish. Right now I’m using Sally Hansen’s “Triple Strong” strengthener.


2. Vital Proteins “Collagen Beauty Glow”

This is particularly great for hair growth and nail strength. Kind of like taking biotin vitamins, this Vital Proteins is packed with Vitamin C, Biotin, and Hyaluronic Acid. This is the one I’m using.


3. File, file, file

I am constantly filing my nails every 2-3 days. I have found that keeping them freshly filed and at a certain “maximum” length has worked for me. It’ll take a few breakages to figure out what length your nails can maintain at but after a while, you’ll just know. My particular max length is about 3mm [although I’m sure if I was less rough with my hands, it could be longer].



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