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Daily Things That Keep Our Relationship Strong

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Kevin and I were in the honeymoon period before we even had our wedding and to be honest, it’s never really stopped since. But that’s not to say our relationship never had its ebb and flows. We’ve definitely had some rough patches on both accounts that lead to falling outs years ago- at one point he wasn’t ready, at another point I wasn’t, but eventually, we found our way and landed on the same page, and ever since, have never left that honeymoon stage. I honestly believe it wasn’t just about the right timing, but what we do in our daily/ weekly routines that keep us so strong. We don’t schedule date nights mainly because we don’t need to; we go to movies ever so often, have Netflix nights in, cook together, etc. These are just things that happen naturally for us. But I’ve found there are many important things people often forget to do in their every day lives that end up dampening a relationship down the road.



Showing genuine appreciation, not just to your partner, but to anyone, is the greatest way on how to keep a relationship alive and strong, and to bring out the best in that person. What do people want most in life? To feel important. Simple as that. So when you’re showing someone genuine and honest appreciation [not to be mistaken with flattery] you will create a drive in them stronger than any criticism could ever do. I tell Kevin every other day how thankful I am for how hard he works for us, waking up at an ungodly hour every morning to go into a highly demanding job for sometimes even 6 days a week, to put food on the table and create a comfortable life for us. I genuinely mean every word of this- I am so lucky to be with such a hardworking, kind man who breaks his back every day to “bring home the bacon”. And I give that appreciation with absolutely no expectation for anything in return. We often take our spouses for granted and never let them know how much we appreciate them. We become so enveloped in our daily routines that we ignore the wonderful things we do for one another each and every day. Showing genuine appreciation is a daily thing we do in our relationship without even really thinking about it.



I’ve talked about this once before, years ago, and how important having support from your spouse is. To the guy who encouraged me to move to New York to pursue this career, knowing it would be long distance, that’s the kind of man I have; he’s the absolute best. Of course, I don’t mean support in every crazy idea you have but when we have an insecurity, the lack of support hinders us from moving forward. When we receive positive affirmations or are encouraged to pursue our dreams, wonderful things happen. Even the smallest of things, like if Kevin is out and driving home, I’ll always receive a text asking if I need anything and he’ll pick it up on his way home.


“Us” Time

Once a week [sometimes more] Kevin and I put away our phones for a few hours and do something together. Since it’s been nicer out, we’ll go for a weekly long walks together. We [usually] leave our phones at home and catch up/ talk about things happening in our lives or things weighing on our minds. Actually, going for these weekly walks has quickly become my favorite part of the week. We completely disconnect from the world for a bit and connect with one another with no distractions. In my opinion, it’s such a simple and effective way on how to keep a relationship alive and healthy, yet often easily missed…



What are some ways on how to keep your relationship alive and strong?

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