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How To Throw A Kick Ass Halloween Party

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This is our first year hosting a Halloween party and it’s kind of the perfect time because it’s not only Halloween weekend, but it’s also the hubby’s 30th birthday. And the


is a big one! I’d have to say that next to Christmas, Halloween is my favorite holiday. The décor is so my aesthetic and it’s always so much fun decorating with spooky things. This year I went to Michaels and literally cleaned out the entire Halloween section of the store. I’ve been decorating the house like a mad man this year but I tell myself it’s fine because I’ll have these decorations forever *insert Kevin’s eye roll here*.



Planning our first Halloween party started out as a bit of a mess. At first I went to the store and just went crazy buying a bunch of random things but as we started to creep closer to the date I planned a little more strategically and found there was a lot more to do than I had planned. Planning a party takes some serious time and tactic. You not only have to think about décor and food, but lighting is also a major factor in creating a certain vibe/ aesthetic and, of course, the music. Plus, you have to plan actual events within the event itself, things to do so people don’t get bored. A DJ, contests, a photo booth, etc.


I didn’t want it to seem just like a halloween party and nothing else so I added in a few things relating to Kevin’s “dirty thirty”, which aren’t pictured in this blog post. Things like banners, napkins and plates, confetti with “30” and “happy birthday” on it. Subtle things that wouldn’t collide much with either event, although combined. I also made a snapchat filter to encourage people to engage online with a spooky Halloween filter and text at the bottom which read “Kevin’s Spooktacular 30th!”


Halloween Party photo booth area
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First I started with the theme/ vibe of the party. I asked myself whether I wanted something spooky, something like Beetlejuice, Harry Potter, or a classic Halloween movie, something romantic-gothic, something warm and classic… you get the point. The possibilities are endless. I didn’t want anything too forced because that seemed cheesy to me so battery-operated life size objects were out. I wanted something grown up yet classic so I went with a mixture of spooky/ gothic-romantic.



Want to know one really simple tip to upping your party décor? Florals. Florals will literally take your décor game to the next level. It’s such an easy thing to add and literally looks great with anything. I’m adding red roses throughout the house to add that romantic-gothic feel. Then taking pumpkins and painting them matte black and adding a gold stem. Classic mixed with modern- 100% my style. We rented a fog machine and thunder/ lightening for sound effects and visuals; and we put a blacklight in the bathroom where I filled the room with spider webs and glow in the dark spiders.



Lighting is essential to the feel of the entire evening. No one wants to be in a brightly lit room with LED lighting making it feel like it’s in the middle of the day, but having it pitch black can also be awkward. So finding that perfect, dimly lit lighting is essential. You need to think about this before hand because if for instance, your kitchen only has bright, overhead lighting it’s going to make things difficult to find lamps, string lights, and the placements of either right before the party. Think about not only the lighting, but where you’re going to place the lights for optimal party mood.



Another essential element to a party is food. If your party starts early, around 7, usually a dinner is expected but if you’re planning a later start like 8:30-9, snacks are fine. Either way, you’ll need to provide food for your guests. Since we’re having a later start, we’re putting out cute snacks for everyone. I took to Pinterest and planned Halloween-themed candy apples, cupcakes, Jack-o-Lantern chips and dip, etc. Since this can only be done a day before or the day of, the food is usually dealt with last but having a clear idea of what you’re serving will help greatly when it comes time to actually cook and/ or put together all of the food. Not only that but what is your drink of the night? We served up what a called a “poison punch” and also made shots served in syringes. SPOOKY!




Finally, think about things to do. People can’t just show up and mingle the entire time, well they can but the last thing you want when putting in all of this time and effort is to have people show up and then bounce shortly after to head out elsewhere. Music is a major factor. Are you hiring a DJ or creating a playlist? Think about the mood you’re setting. I put together a little photo booth area set up with a polaroid to encourage guests to capture their costumes via print rather than digitally. It’s fun using polaroids. I also put together a costume contest. I created ballots for each guest and the winner {or winners if they were a couple} got to take home a big goodie basket full of prizes. I also considered hiring a fortune teller for the event but due to our place being on the smaller scale, with an intimate guest list, it didn’t seem feasible this year. Bottom line is, think about what things you can add to your party to make it more engaging.


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