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How To Fashionably Wear Denim On Denim

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One undeniable trend I’ve seen more and more of this season is denim. Denim purses, shoes, skirts, chokers, even glasses! It’s the ultimate laid back, cool-girl style. As a raised Canadian, and a big fan of the ‘Canadian tuxedo’, it’s safe to say denim lust is one of my all time favorite go-to’s. Thus, I am completely trilled to see denim hitting the fashion world once again.

The classic Canadian tuxedo look consists of blue jeans and a jean blouse or jean jacket. However, that’s not really something you can wear in the midst of summer when the heat is 20+ C. That denim can get real heavy, real fast. So what’s another denim on denim look variable with the weather? A denim dress and denim sandals, of course.

Playing around with different prints is one way to style denim on denim; it creates the illusion of contrast. Another is to break up to denim like pairing a dress or skirt with denim shoes. Or how about a shirt dress, denim booties, and a denim choker? There are so many different ways to combine the denim lust look, it’s just all about getting creative!

how to wear denim dress denim shoes how to wear denim on denim trend

Simulate some of these casually cool girl denim trends for every inch of your bod:

Denim shoes


Denim tops

Denim bottoms

Denim dresses

denim shoes with denim dress trendgucci bag denim style on denim

What are your thoughts for the denim on denim trend?

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