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The 1 Beauty Product Everyone Should Own

This post is not sponsored.

loving tan discount code selfie

Disclosure: This post is in no way paid or sponsored. I was gifted this product simply to try it out and was so beyond thrilled with it that I wanted to share with you. I’m working on getting a loving tan discount code for you guys.


I’ve used self tanners for years. Basically ever since I stopped using the tanning beds and overlapping it with Too Faced’s Tanning In A Tube *RIP high school orange tinge days*, I saved my skin and opted for good self tanners instead. Over the years, I’ve tried out many different kinds. Some more “smelly” than others, some with a more orange tinge, some super sparkley, some super streaky. Needless to say, I’ve had my fair share of bad tans.


loving tan discount code self tan
loving tan self tanner medium


We’re now in the coldest month of the year, and arguably what I feel to be the longest month, so most of us are pasty white and vitamin D deprived, especially up here in Canada. I’m really missing summer -this month particularly- and dreaming of warmer weather. Now I know everyone is obsessed with St. Tropez and I get it, the glow is good. But for me, I found whenever I’d use it, it went on super streaky, I was sticky for hours until I rinsed and extremely potent in smell. Plus, the 4-8 hour gap of not being able to shower or get wet was a major downside for me. I hated having smelled like old gym socks for the better half of the day and then explaining to friends or colleagues why I smelled so bad- although most of them already knew since they could recognize the odor having gone through it themselves.



Yesterday I tried Loving Tan and I honestly am Loving it. From the moment I received the package -it’s so beautiful and girly- to opening the card and seeing the cute packaging. Now I realize packaging certainly isn’t everything. It’s just a nice added bonus to an already fantastic product, which this is. The applicator mitt is so much more luxe than St. Tropez or any of the other self tanners I’ve tried. Whenever I’d rinse off the applicator mitt after lotioning up my bod, I’d find my one hand getting wet and completely rinsing off the tan. Because the Loving Tan applicator mitt is so thick and luxe, I can rinse it and my hand won’t be soaked {I personally just found that as a nice added bonus}. Then there’s the 2 hour express time, a much quicker tan time than the others I’ve tried. But the best of all, aside from the great glow, is that I didn’t smell… at all! The tanner goes on so smooth, feels dry nearly instantly, and I. Don’t. Smell. It’s amazing. Plus this brand is 100% cruelty free and vegan! I’m working on getting a loving tan discount code for you guys.



I tried out medium for my first try because I’m very fair skinned naturally. I have an underlying touch of red in my hair so although I can certainly still get a tan in summer, I don’t get insanely dark {which has always bummed me out because Kevin can lay out and be bronzed in 2 hours where it takes me 2 days of all day lying out to get his degree of dark in just 2 hours}. So I figured medium would be a nice starting point for me without going too overboard right off the bat. Now I always keep things 100% real with you guys, so I will say I found that a good portion of my tan washed off after my first shower even though I waited about 8 hours, although it was a 2 hour express time. That being said, every tan washes off some after your first shower and I’m sure it doesn’t help that I take literally steaming hot showers every time I shower. So next time I think I’ll try out the dark. Today, the morning after my shower, I still see a glow/ bronze, just certainly not as much as yesterday’s direct application.



That being said, I am 100% a client for life. I just really wanted to share this with you because I feel so many other women would also love this line; it’s so affordable compared to other brands and gives you a great glow.


This post is not sponsored.
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