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5 Ways To Make Your Mondays More Enjoyable


Mondays get a bad rap and it’s really too bad. Just because Monday is the start of a new work week, meaning the weekend is over, doesn’t mean you should be bummed about it. It’s all about perspective my friends. For some, Mondays mean a fresh start, a chance to reset and start again, for others it means the end of the weekend and a blue 5 days ahead, it all depends on how you look at it.


I’m not going to tell you to go to bed earlier or wake up earlier, I should know having been a late riser myself- that sh*t is easier said than done. And honestly, we’re adults here, we know the benefits of waking up earlier but sleeping in honestly just feels so much better. No judgment here. So upon writing this post, I tried to think of non-cliche things, things that make me feel good but, perhaps, I hadn’t consciously considered before. I shared an Instagram photo the other week with a caption about why Mondays don’t suck and was delighted to read the responses written underneath, mainly about how they enjoyed reading such a different take on Mondays so to start this list off, I’ll share it with you now:


1. It’s all about perspective

Why Mondays don’t suck: “New research shows: 1/3 of us do our best work/ are most productive on Monday morning,
Monday is actually not the most stressful day of the week,
there will be 10,000 child births,
42 million hugs,
600 people will get promotions at work, & 600 dogs will be adopted,
9 million “I love you”s will be said, & roughly 4 people will win the multimillion dollar lotteries.
So smile, because according to statistics this is actually supposed to be a really nice day.”

I loved reading these Monday quotes. When you look at things differently, and put things into perspective, suddenly things don’t seem so bad.


2. Do a random act of kindness

Kind of like how giving feels better than receiving- when you do something kind for someone else, you feel good in return. Win-win!


3. Do one thing on your to-do list

I know the pit we can fall into, it’s very easy: We put off our list because it’s overwhelming, or tiring, or boring, etc. But what I’ve found is when you make a point to do just one thing on your list, even if it’s something small, it somehow gets the ball rolling. When I complete one task I feel so good that I’m typically motivated to keep going.


4. Get prepared the night before

Lay out your clothes before hand, prepare your lunch and keep it together in the fridge so it’s easy to grab n’ go, get all of your documents, files, or whatever you need for work neatly together so things in the morning go smoothly and quickly when you hit that snooze button.


5. Make a list

A gratitude list. While I’m not the most consistent with my journaling, I find making a list of things I’m grateful for really helps when I have the blues. Being that the Monday blues are a very real thing for many, making a weekly gratitude list on Mondays makes sense.


And if all else fails… there’s always coffee… or happy hour!


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