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Metallic Shades


This past week was full of events and previews, many of which were beauty-based. And while attending these fun events came goodie bags. When I got home from the madness, I took a look through my bags and noticed many of them were filled with products, specifically metallic shades. I haven’t experimented too much with metallics, yet I’ve seen them everywhere. Metallic booties, accents on tops and dresses, silver-inspired shearling coats, and so many metallic shades of eyes and lips. So what did I do? I spent the majority of yesterday testing and trying out different looks, shades, and styles from this metallic trend and here’s what I learned:


  1. Pick hues that flatter your complexion. I chose warmer shades because the contrast of that hue against my blue/green eyes really made them pop.
  2. Add a similar color to your lips, or go neutral. I chose a reddish shade and then dabbed the same color I used on my eyes onto my lips to give it a bit of shine.
  3. Using a metallic liquid liner is a really cool and unique way to switch up your everyday routine. I tried out Nudestix easy on roller in shade “Bronze Patina.”
  4. You don’t have to go bold. Wearing a soft, more neutral color with a bit of sheen is a great way to keep things natural looking with a bit of added glam.


What are your thoughts on the metallic trend?




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