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My Mom Was Right About This

mom quotes from daughter
I used to get frustrated when my mom would try to give me dating advice; I'd tell her she just doesn't get it. I'd scold when she'd tell me to bring a jacket or wear sunscreen. I'd laugh when she'd tell me not to follow the crowd... turns out she was right about it all, but there's one thing above all else that really gives me chills when I look back on my life. It's the thing that made me realize my mom is probably a genius. She'd tell me to slow down.


mom quotes from daughter


Wear sunscreen

Bring a jacket

Don't worry about boys

Pay attention in class

Slow down


We're always in a hurry: wanting to grow up, drive fast, make as many friends as possible, finish school, land the best career, make the most money, fall in love... it's all so fast. Then when we're in school we are told to take many different sports, join different clubs, take as many courses as possible to finish sooner. At work we're expected to multitask at our jobs, encouraged to take on more responsibility. At home we have never ending to-do lists. Where does it stop? We get frustrated with slow loading times, check our phones every few minutes, stress about a deadline...

I'm almost 30 and as I look back on my life I realize how many things I took for granted, how many things in my life that just wizzed by in a blur. I never stopped to look around and really be present. Now that I'm older, I miss my younger days. I wish I could redo it and really appreciate every bit of it. I'd take the time to understand every heartbreak and appreciate being single; stop after that 4th shot of green apple Smirnoff vodka and appreciate the moment with my high school friends; not worry so much about the future and stress less about the past. Ferris Bueller was right, life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.

One day I'll have children of my own and these mom quotes from daughter to daughter are things I will pass onto my kids. And they will likely do the same thing as me... go fast. I guess thats part of the circle of life. So if you're reading this now, look around and really appreciate what you have. Be present. It won't be the same in a year from now.

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