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Moved To New York With Only Two Suitcases And Here’s What I Brought

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When people say, "All I brought were the clothes on my back," I can relate to something somewhat similar. When I packed for my New York move, I only brought two suitcases with me. As you probably already know, apartments in New York are extremely small as is, so two suitcases of stuff could pretty much fill your entire room. {Okay, not quite, but close enough}. And shipping internationally can be very costly. So I put my typical overpacking self to the test and only brought the bare necessities. 

First and foremost I literally brought the bare necessities in relation to clothes. I brought basically all basics; things that I knew would get a lot of wear out of. I dress trendy when I'm shooting for my blog or attending an event/ meeting but in reality, I wear basics most of the time. So plain tee's, tanks, jeans, nike runners, shirt dresses, and slides are what I consider to be the "bare necessities" of clothing.


Basic Tee



Flyknit 2



'Le Original' Fray Denim


Kimmie Flatform

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Next, I brought my bed sheets, a hand-held steamer (an absolutely must when traveling anywhere), and as for accessories, I brought: two of my favorite bags, one baseball cap and my favorite newsboy cap, jewelry, makeup and toiletries. How did I pack all of this into just two suitcases you ask? Answer: Space savor ziplock bags- the real MVP!

Tip: When hunting for apartments in New York, keep in mind that the outskirts of Manhattan are a great option. A lot of people are residing in Brooklyn and New Jersey because a) the rent is cheaper and b) you actually get more space. The commnute is super easy once you figure out the subway systems. It only took me a few days to learn my route and now I have people asking me for directions. Feeling like a true New Yorker!



Fiddler Fisherman Hat


Handheld Fabric Steamer


Black Caviar Leather Coco Mark Vanity Bag


Vacuum Bag Set

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