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My 5 Favorite Podcasts For The Entrepreneur



Need some motivation? These podcasts will lift you up!


My favorite thing to listen to whether I’m driving, at the gym, or even just cooking at home isn’t reruns of The Office {shocking, I know} or even music… It’s podcasts. Lately I’ve really been getting into them. Filling my head with knowledge andwww.loveambervictoria.com

is so important, especially in a society like today.



With the news, politics, internet, and general online media, it’s hard not to feel down and out. I mean this stuff really gets to me so whenever I can I like to fill my time with some motivational content. It keeps me going, inspires me, and lifts me up. I’ve listened to many different kinds of podcasts but the one’s I find that resonate most with me are the entrepreneurial/ business podcasts. If you’re like me you’ll love these!



1. Gary Vee Audio Experience

*Duh* I feel like he’s the most talked about, besides Tony Robbins. He just has this incredibly realistic way about him that really makes you want to go out and seize the day in every way possible.

2. The School Of Greatness

I just recently started listening to this one actually. I love all the different stories in this series, each one dedicated to a different aspect in living your life to the fullest and creating a healthy mindset.

3. The Science Of Happiness

Okay so it’s pretty obvious form the title but I love this one for reliving depression. Some days I wake up and I just feel off. I’m unhappy for no apparent reason, just lots of little things that I can’t control and it gets to me. Don’t get me wrong, I consider myself a generally happy person but everyone has bad days. This one in particular is uplifting for those sad/ off days.

4. Business Wars

I save this one for those rainy days. It’s pretty cool to listen to for real stories about different businesses and what drives each company. They’re like real life battles about what shapes business and the consumers.

5. How I Built This

All about the greatest entrepreneurs and idealists, and their stories behind what each one built. Each episode is a journey of triumph and failures. It really motivates you by giving you insight into the minds and stories of the greatest in the world.



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