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My 5 Step Guide To Thicker, Fuller Looking Hair

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I often get questions or comments regarding my hair- usually about styling tips or volume. I’ve shared a few tutorials on how I style my hair in the past, most recently on my IGTV about how to style short hair, but have yet to share a post on how to get outrageous volume. I’m originally from Texas and voluminous hair is a way of life down there. I even remember my Mom using a bumpit! Do you guys remember those things? If not, Google it! They’re hilarious and awesome. Although we’ve since evolved from the early 2000’s “bumpit” stage, full-looking hair will never go out of style. There are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years to create those voluminous vibes starting with something as simple as your shampoo and conditioner.

1. Shampoo and conditioner

Thickness/ volume starts with cleansing. Paying attention to what your shampoo/ conditioner specializes in is important. Over the past couple of months I’ve been using Viviscal’s shampoo and conditioner, which has helped greatly in the feel and look of thicker hair for me. The line contains a product that reduces hair fallout. I noticed significantly less fallout during my showers when I was using their shampoo/ conditioner combo.

2. Use styling products

As soon as I get out of the shower and towel dry my hair, I’ll use Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir to give my hair that extra lift before blow drying. Sometimes I’ll add mousse to my roots before blow drying for added volume but since I’ve cut my hair short, I’ve found I don’t need to. Once finished drying I’ll use a dry shampoo [my favorite right now is Batiste XXL volume] and a hair oil on my ends for shine. Don’t forget to blow dry your hair upside down- gives insane volume.

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3. Consider supplements

Up until last year I had never used growth supplements before. I’m quite the skeptic when it comes to these things but nevertheless I decided to give it a try and *insert gasp* I saw difference! I’ve dabbled in trying out many different hair supplements; however, most recently, I’ve favored the Viviscal Extra Strength supplements. The instructions say there’s a minimum of 3 months before seeing results and to take 2 tablets per day. In fact, I have had some readers leave comments on how quickly my hair grows recently and honestly I, myself, have noticed rapid growth throughout my supplement journey, until I recently cut it to a bob cut a couple weeks ago.

Upon starting this Viviscal journey I was more so interested in thickness rather than growth so below you’ll find a before and after showcasing the thickness and volume!

hairline hair building fibers

4. Hair building fibers

Hollywood’s best kept secret [okay, not so secret anymore]. Honestly this is the MVP of instant fuller-looking hair. My favorite, and used by many well-known hair stylists, is the hair building fiber from Toppik: They use colored keratin fibers [9 different colors to be exact] that blend in seamlessly with your hair. You can use it on your parted lines to mask your scalp or cover extensions, but the way I like to use it is to mask my windows peak. My hairline is quite thin and it’s always been an insecurity of mine/ my problem area so when I discovered Toppik I was pretty excited to say the least. It gave me instant results while the Viviscal supplements helped over time. You can see in the above photo my hairline looks so much thicker. It’s amazing! Toppik also comes with a “hairline optimizer” which helps create the look of a natural hairline.

5. Your cut makes a difference

Believe it or not, the cut and length of your hair makes a huge difference in the thickness look and feel. If you’re someone who has naturally thinner looking hair, without the added help of extensions, long hair probably won’t work best for you. Short hair with a fairly blunt cut is the best for making your hair look thicker. An added bonus would be to curl, wave or add any form of texture too. I personally don’t like my hair straight regardless, not because I want it to look thicker specifically, but just simply because I like the look of curls and waves more. Adding some texture/ grit to your hair really helps increase the look of thickness and volume.

You can find the Toppik and the Viviscal products at Shoppers Drug Mart as well as many other retail locations listed here.


This post is in collaboration with Viviscal Canada. All opinions are my own.

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