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My 6 Step Night Time Skincare Routine

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I've joked about my intense skincare routine before: Kevin tells me he'll see me in half an hour when I get ready for bed because he knows how thorough I am with my nighttime skincare routine. You'll notice I haven't listed any exfoliants simply because I don't use one every night, more like three times a week. I don't have a minimalist skincare routine or anything particularly ordinary, but I'm just shy of 30 years old and haven't a wrinkle in sight so I'd say this process works for me. As I get older, the more I care about my skincare routine and it's nice because I don't just consider it an annoying chore like doing laundry; I actually enjoy doing this every night. I do switch up my products from time to time as my skin "gets used" to a particular product or changes due to the season. Although, typically, I have combination skin. This post lists the products I've currently been using every night. Listed, in order of use, is what I use for my nightly skincare routine.




Although I use a mixture of different products, not all being Korean, I do adhere to the Korean skincare method of "multiple washes". Mainly because I think it's just about common sense. The first wash you're essentially just washing off your makeup, debris, etc and the second wash you're actually getting into your pores and cleaning your skin. I love SkinCeuticals gel wash, but I also mix it up with other cleansers like Glow Recipe's blueberry face wash, and another foam face wash with glycolic.



I'm a big fan of the ISDIN brand. I use many of their products, including the eye cream I'll discuss next. This product is amazing for hyperpigmentation. Any dark spots [from sun exposure] or age spots. I particularly use this during the summer months but I'll also mix things up and use ISDIN's Melatonik- a 3 in 1 night time serum targeting stresses from daily environmental impacts.



After I'll apply the Bioeffect serum. This stuff is potent so 1-2 drops will do! I particularly love it in the winter/fall months because it also helps with dry skin. This one does it all- anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, skin brightening little angel in a bottle. If there is one product you should take away from this post, let it be this one.



I'll usually mix my serum and moisturizer together before applying so the order of this particular application doesn't matter as much but I love this face moisturizer. It is easily my favorite facial cream I own. Dr. Brandt's Hydro Biotic recovery sleeping mask. It's light and airy, smells fresh and clean, and is a gel-like texture so no sticky residue or chalky feeling. [I also use her microdermabrasion facial exfoliant- its amazing!]



I use many different eye creams. The one I'm using currently, however, is ISDIN's K-OX eyes. I naturally have dark circles underneath my eyes so this particular cream helps target that whilst also targeting puffiness and crows feet [I'm basically doing everything I can do avoid crows feet for as long as possible].



Lastly, I started using castor oil on my brows and lashes. I'm a firm believer of manmade products and often weary of "all natural" products only because I find the manmade ones really work! So castor oil was something that took me a long time to come around to considering it's all natural. After reading many, many reviews on the product, I gave it a go, and I'm so glad I did because it really does work! [And bonus, it's cheap! Much cheaper than the manmade products.] Although I've found it not to be quite as effective as specialty eyelash serums and brow serums, I really have seen a difference- particularly on my brows! I use this every night before bed as a part of my skincare routine.




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