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My Home Office Inspiration Board

All photos in this post are from Pinterest



The more I age, the more I become invested in interior design. Does anyone else feel this way? I could spend hours on Pinterest saving and sharing designs like my latest inspiration for our home office interior design board. I’ve recently found a pattern in all of my boards lately too- minimalist, neutral, and timeless, which really shouldn’t come as a surprise since I’ve always liked neutrals.


I grew up with a mom who loved color. Our wall colors included: bright yellow, lime green, dark red, black, and more. Imagine art deco but with bright colors, which could literally not be more opposite to my taste {had I known at the time}. Maybe that’s why I subconsciously hate color now, because I was bombarded with all of it at a young age? Either way, the last year has been all about small changes around the house. We recently upgraded our bedroom, which is still a work in progress. Since my last bedroom post we’ve added a rug, hung a circle mirror, and changed out the dresser because I decided it was still too dated for my taste, even with the dresser knob upgrades.


Now that I have a clearer idea of my exact taste, I made an inspiration board as we put the final touches on our home office. Below you’ll find my office interior design inspo, and if you hover over the + icon, you’ll find similar items linked next to the product itself.



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