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New York Fashion Week 2018 feelings



NYFW: a semi-annual showcasing of international fashion lines, shown to buyers, press, and the general public. Also a week of complete chaos. First let me start by saying it’s 100% not necessary to attend NYFW if you’re reading this and you are a blogger. I’ve attended NYFW the past couple of years and after some time I’ve come to realize something… It’s just not my thing. Being a fashion blogger you always feel like you should attend, I mean it’s the world’s biggest semi-annual event involving fashion, how could you not, right? Many of my friends from the past had made it clear that attending was super important and that it’s the way to make your mark in the industry, but yet, I had always felt off whenever I was there, and sure enough, each season I attended I felt that same way.


Fashion Week once used to be about buyers and editors shopping and reporting on the latest lines, but as it shifts from a business opportunity to a marketing strategy, it changes things. It’s the worst time to connect with PR people and brands because everyone is in such a rush all the time with different but equally busy schedules. Meetings are postponed until the week after, and brands noticing your content are slim to none because of all the people posting. Your feed becomes flooded and your pictures are quickly pushed down to the bottom, brands also aren’t checking IG as frequently during such a busy time. That being said, being at fashion week certainly helps you gain further exposure and paid content is always higher this week so there’s definitely pros to going.


The reason fashion week started was for buyers and editors to see what was new, and up and coming with brands. I feel that’s no longer a priority. I mean, Alexander Wang no longer does fashion week, Saint Laurent does their’s in LA now…


Here’s the thing about New York, it’s overwhelming at times. A vast city, always moving, crazy weather, and walking in heels all day is never easy yet it’s New York and the word “chic” was born here. If you’re going to dress up, this is the city to do it in. Hand in hand, comes anxiety. I’ve talked about my anxiety in the past but fashion week is when it’s at its all time high, and from what I’ve discussed, I’m definitely not alone in this. This is the way I see it: Fashion week consists of fun events, fast shows, hectic atmospheres, breeds insecurity, and reminds you of the importance of status. Simply put, James, from Fohr Card, states, “If your blog is a personal style blog that focuses on easy outfits that you can wear every day, no, why would you go to fashion week. That doesn’t make any sense.” 


I mean don’t get me wrong: There is certainly a lot of love about this crazy week. Dissecting each look as it’s highlighted down the runway, viewing and learning what each styling decision came to and what’s going to be hot in the coming season, all whilst drinking a free bottled water handed to you as you enter the room. The anticipation before the show starts, seeing what celebs are sitting where, photographers waiting outside asking you what you’re wearing and what your instagram handle is, it can be a magical experience. And for those OG’s out there who run a blog, started 10-some years ago, and have a long awaited audience ready to see what you’re wearing and what shows you’re attending, I can certainly see why it’s a big deal to attend. I mean I love watching stories from my favorite OG bloggers and seeing what shows they’re attending and what they’re wearing. Respect! 


Still, I digress. I think fashion week has turned into more of the ability to say you were “there” than actually caring about the fashion and collections themselves. It’s a scene. Half the people attending don’t have blogs and just run off of Instagram.. Where’s the work?? Where’s staying up for days in a row writing about your take on the shows you attended? I’m a person who genuinely looks forward to reading about the shows, the background, and why the designer made his/her collection. But there’s a lot of noise. From what I’ve seen lately, it’s about sitting front row and taking selfies. And it’s incredibly clique-y. I’ll never forget the one girl I saw who threw a hissy fit because she just found out she wasn’t sitting front row. Aren’t we all there for the clothes? 


No one wants to feel rejected and left out, especially after they’ve been in the industry for years and put in so much work, an industry that prides itself on moving forward. These were many feelings I had experienced during my time at NYFW, yet feelings change, and lately, when I was able to take a step back and see it through a different set of eyes I was suddenly calm. Perhaps, it’s the glass half full trick. I’ve always been openly candid and honest online, and as I reflected on my feelings and time in NYC, for me, it’s not acting all fashion-like, it’s about being yourself and meeting cool people. I met some incredible people during my time in New York, ate some damn good food, and drank some of the best cocktails I’ve ever had. I’m not a super high-end fashion blogger, in fact, I’m pretty casual most of the time, and I like sharing my looks with a side of coffee. I’m glad I went and experienced it, I have no regrets, and maybe one day I will attend again because I don’t want to say never ever, but unless something changes, for now I’ll visit my favorite city at a more leisurely time of the year!


Looking back on fashion week many moons ago…

NYFW 18 view
New York FW 2018

NYFW 2018 feels 2018 NYFW feelings

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