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New York Fashion Week Part 2

NYFW 2016

Things I learned while being in New York/ attending NYFW:

  1. If you don’t honk your horn while driving, you’re not a true New Yorker
  2. The Subway system is f’ing confusing
  3. Always look your best because you don’t know who you’re going to run into (true story)
  4. The cobblestone streets of Soho make for the best fashion Instagram shots
  5. Yellow is a happening color for S/S 2017
  6. Every show always runs late
  7. Don’t sleep too much in the city that never sleeps

Since the Tadashi Shoji show ran late the night before, I wasn’t able to make it to the Paul Andrew show the next morning (hence the advice “don’t sleep too much in the city that never sleeps.”) Hindsight, I wish I woke myself up with a cold slap of water and forced myself out of bed; however, the morning wasn’t completely wasted because that extra hour of sleep got me up enough to make my way down to Soho and enjoy some much needed coffee and breakfast at Jack’s Wife Freda– a hot spot in the city for breakfast/ coffee. Be prepared though, there is almost always a line but totally worth the wait.

Back to the third point of my Things I learned list, since it was so hot and humid outside, I brought a change of clothes to walk around in, and by change of clothes I mean: a face wipe to take off all my foundation, a pair of Nike running shorts, and a tank top. Biggest mistake. Right after I changed out of my fashion week attire and into my “comfy” walking around clothes, I walked right past Aimee Song, from Song of Style, and her sister Dani. Lesson learned: Look your best at all times.

After, I went straight to the Son Jung Wan show where I was quite taken back by the unique attire she had designed. I imagined Gwen Stefani and her harajuku girls wearing Son Jung Wan. Her brand is definitely for a very specific audience. Although very interesting to learn about the different cultures of fashion, more specifically from an Asian decent, the designs weren’t for me. With that being said, I appreciate all styles of fashion and I love immersing myself into different worlds, I feel it gives me a greater take on diversity and the fashion world itself.

NYFW 2016NYFW 2016NYFW 2016NYFW 2016NYFW 2016

During the second half of the day, I was fortunate enough to attend the backstage area of Etienne Deroeux before the show itself. Emerging from France, this designer has been seen on Kendall Jenner for the cover of her Vogue Dutch shoot. He has such a unique, fresh take on fashion, believing that yoga pants, for instance, should be worn with ballet flats. He’s all about high-end active wear mixed with a leisurely style. Deroeux claims his clothes are for all different personalities and styles of women and men. He is definitely on to something there because I can certainly see myself wearing a few of his pieces.

NYFW 2016NYFW 2016

Since I only had one more full day left in New York, having never been before, I wanted to spend it with my fiancé (still so crazy saying, or in this case, typing that!) So I didn’t attend any other shows. We spent the next day shopping like our lives depended on it, and eating at the best spots we could think of! We also attended the second Maybelline party at Milk Studios penthouse later that night where I met some amazingly talented people and got to enjoy a firework show overlooking the water. All in all, this trip was truly one for the books- or in my case, blog.


I’ll be posting my New York vlog and very personal post on my engagement later. Bye for now!

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