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Over the weekend we took a quick trip to Aruba to stay with the Marriott Resort & Casino, and it was nothing short of spectacular. When I think of the Caribbean, I think of clear waters, sunshine, and piña coladas… and Aruba delivered on all fronts. The weather was perfect and the fish tacos were amazing.


We stayed in Oranjestad, which is the most touristy spot of Aruba. Although it was the busiest area, the beaches were still surprisingly spread out.


We went down to Aruba for Aruba Fashion Week, happening at the Marriott resort. It was so interesting to see such an eclectic mix of styles and individuals, something I hadn’t experienced before. One common theme, however, was “tropics.” Bikinis, bright colors, and smiles all around were the common denominator for Aruba’s Fashion Week.


I really fell in love with Aruba’s pristine beaches though. Crystal clear waters. Although we were only there for 3 days, we didn’t have time to do much exploring on our own but the resort sufficed. We basically spent every free moment lounging by the beach under a cabana. The hotel Marriott had such an amazing view and good vibes with great service. Service is such an important factor when I’m booking my stay. Accommodating, friendly staff are the backbone of every hotel so this aspect was obviously critical.


In regards to things to do in Aruba, we did find time to do a couple activities on our last day. We signed up to go jet skiing, where the tour guide took us to Eagle beach {a public beach} to hop on a couple jet skis and explore the island. Finding a tour service is easy enough, just stroll down the beach and there are tons. Something I would definitely recommend doing. For our final evening we also signed up with a sunset sail to take us around the island, view the lighthouse, and partake in unlimited drinks. {Hello rum punches, you were the death of me}. This is also something I highly recommend doing. I think booking excursions or activities is an important feature when traveling to the tropics, especially if you’re an adventure seeker. We got a mix of adventure and relaxation, which was the perfect combination for Gigi and I. Nonetheless, wether you’re on one end of the spectrum or the other, there’s definitely something for you in Aruba.


Below are a few photos from our trip:


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