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Our Christmas Table Setting

Christmas table modern setting napkin folding


This year Kevin and I hosted our very first Christmas dinner! Every year we had always gone over to his parent’s house for Christmas but this year we took the reins. It was a pretty big deal since it was not only our first time hosting Christmas dinner but also Kevin’s first time cooking a turkey. The week before Christmas, he walked into the house with a huge 20 pound “practice turkey” and at the time I laughed but it turns out it was a damn good idea because he dried out the first one to a near powder. Luckily, the second round he got right by following Gordon Ramsey’s instructions.


Christmas rustic table setting napkin folding
Christmas table setting napkin folding


To go with our first Christmas dinner hosting, I set up a Christmas-theme tablescape; full of greenery, gold accents, and, of course, neutrals. Our decor consisted mostly of Nordstrom and Crate & Barrel {direct links at the bottom of this post}. And I added a touch of Eucalyptus for scent and an overall Christmas-y vibe. I think real florals and greenery are such a simple yet perfect way to upscale your table setting. I always try to add in some whenever I can. I also saw this cute Christmas napkin folding technique in Martha Stewart magazine and just had to try it for myself- it’s in the shape of a Christmas tree! I had originally gone with a matte black plated look but decided on clear plates instead. I think they’ll go with more decor should we choose to host another holiday again. What do you think?


Christmas napkin folding rustic modern table setting


Urban Timber, a local company, lent us this table and chairs for our dinner. Their dining tables are reclaimed wood, made out of historic 1900’s railway boxcars. I love to shop and support local businesses, I think it’s an important part in helping out our community. The owner, Darren, started this company with his mom and dad, and his mother sadly can no longer help due to the crippling disease of Alzheimers. Urban Timber started a Wood To Remember fund, where when you purchase one of their dining tables, a percentage goes to the Alberta Alzheimer’s Society. So not only will you be supporting locally, you’ll be contributing to something so meaningful. His wife and him came over a day or two before Christmas to set up the table, so kind- and this table is a mammoth! It weighs a literal ton. Also, fun fact: Kevin was their very first customer! The wood accent wall you see in these photos was bought and stored from Urban Timber!


Christmas table rustic setting modern napkin folding

Christmas table setting modern napkin folding Christmas table rustic setting napkin folding


Although Kevin’s mom brought many different desserts {she’s the baking queen} I decided to make a gluten free orange and almond bundt cake. I took the photos a bit early before it was glazed and because it was my first time making a bundt cake, it ended up breaking a bit pulling it out of the pan. I guess this holiday was full of many firsts! For dinner, I made my mom’s famous candid sweet potatoes with brown sugar, pecans and eggnog {it was my favorite thing during Christmas dinner growing up}. I also made stilton cheese and parsley mashed potatoes, roasted pecan and walnut brussels sprouts, a green bean casserole, and stuffing {of course}.


Christmas table setting napkin folding


Have you ever hosted Christmas dinner? What’s your favorite thing about hosting? Or about the Holiday food?


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